It’s  about a whole week since i came back from beijing,  and it’s definitely a busy week, crazy busy. business stuff have kept coming one by one, i almost had no time to post any thing, no time to work out, no time to hang out obviously, it’s enough, i can’t take it any more. so i decided to post,  to work out, and to hang out tonight, absolutely, enjoy myself.

i got some pictures about the summer palace when i was in beijing. it’s a beautiful and huge park now, with allot water, so katy i think you will like it. And maybe the pics will remind you of Kongfu panda  😀

The summer palace is in western outskirts of Beijing, the Summer Palace is 10 kilometers from the central city. It is China’s leading classical garden which enjoys a worldwide reputation. The Summer Palace was opened to the public in 1924 and included in the UNESCO world heritage list in 1998. A whole day is needed to view it in detail.
the construction of the summer palace first started in 1750. at that time, the qing dynasty was in its heyday and china was a powerful asian country with vast territories. the monarch in power then was emperor qianlong. with supreme power and large sums of money, he summoned skillful and ingenious artisans from all over the country to carry out this construction work in honor of his mother `s birthday. after 15 years and one seventh of the nation` s annual revenue spent, the garden of clear ripples was completed and served as a testimony to china` s scientific and technological achievements. in 1860, this vast royal garden was burnt down along with the yuanming yuan (garden of perfection and brightness) by england-french allied forces (robbers, they robbed the jewellery, the treasure, the good stuff and burnt the garden). in 1888, empress dowager cixi reconstructed the garden on the same site and renamed it the garden of nurtured harmony (summer palace). characterized by its vast scope and rich cultural embodiments, the summer palace has become one of the most famous tourist sites in the world.



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7 responses to “MY TRIP TO BEIJING PART2

  1. i supposed you were busy because you were hardly on your blog. 😉 but i’m glad you’re back on. so yes, go work out and have fun hanging out with your friends. 🙂

    thanks for the bit of history. and the gardens are beautiful! i love the pictures of the trees, and the lily pads sitting in the water, and all the fish swimmy. it’s so pretty. hm. i have to put this on my list of places to see too. 😛

    • katy, i’m glad that there is something new on your list~ 😀
      i love the trees too, in most cities of china, we are not easy to find allot trees, too many buildings, too urban, little green, so the whole piece of forest is a real gift, so is the water. all i wanted is fresh air, high quality water, if you raise your head and see the millions of stars in the night sky, it’s really amazing, but it’s hard to see any stars currently.
      you are right, katy, i’m coming back now, even life is still freak hectic. however, i suppose i should do what i really passionate about every single day, as more as possible. so i apologize for my disappearing the past WHOLE week. it’s really rude. and i will try my best to make it never happen again. 😀

  2. those photos are so beautiful! I absolutely love lush water pics like that! wow I definitely need to visit Bejing one day. On my to or from Italy, perhaps? lol 😀


    • yep, tia, i think you should visit Italy first, your dream wonderland, and after you having a great time in Italy, i suggest you should visit beijing, and call me, we could eat beijing duck and some other good chinese food, i think you will like them 😀
      thank you tia, for your kind commenting, yesterday morning, after breakfast, i went to movie alone, and watched the PIRATE 4 once again, so i’m exciting the whole day left, just feel myself like a captain of pirateship, (am i psycho?) and you know what, after the movie, i still not left the theatre, sitting in the chair and enjoying the original sound, it’s so awesome, great sound, and after the original sound, i was lucky enough to got a extra footage, Angelica(Penélope Cruz)obtained the puppet of Jack by accident, so poor jack sparrow, what will happen next ? 😀

      • haha yes I’m planning the entire trip! 😉 It would be so much fun, actually. I LOVE other cultures…it would be amazing.
        Ooh Pirates 4! Love that movie. No, you’re totally not a psycho – I feel that way too after watching Pirates!! Those movies are just so catching. I always stay till the end of the credits in every movie, just in case there’s extra footage. I know…I feel so bad for Jack. He better watch out! Pirates totally has the best soundtrack EVER. Nothing compares. 😀


      • haahaa~~ Tia, it seems that we got the same taste, you know, the taste of movies and the zeal for other cultures……thank you 😀

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