My mother is absolutely a cooking expert, a cooking artist. Last Friday, I got a plan to have lunch with my mother on Saturday, mother asked me what do I want to eat, I replied “I have no idea, maybe, sweet-sour fried pork ” maybe you can only eat in the town where I reside, mother said, “OK, I will do it in home ”. Wow, I’m so exciting. My mother is an expert for cooking, mom’s cooking always be my favor. The fried beef she did is amazing, no one could do the beef like she did, and the special mutton, I took the special mutton to high school once, and my friends had a chance to have a taste, they said they will never forget the taste. the tomato beef soup is also amazing, do is the tofu, the noodles, even the omelet, But my mother seems has never cooked “sweet-sour fried pork” before, maybe once. So it’s a new challenge, I decided to record the moment and post it, haha I have never post a recipe before, I was so exciting.

Before we start cooking, here are something we should prepare.

1.  Half kilogram lean pork with no fat

2.  Amylum

3.  Egg white

4.  Two ounce water

5.  Half carrot

6.  One spring onion

7.  Sugar, salt, Chinese vinegar

First step

Cut the pork into slices, and mix the starch ( made from potato power), egg white and water into sauce, yup, it’s really sticky, coated each slices of pork with the sticky sauce, heat the oil up, fried the slices of pork with sauce coated over, the sauce will be changed into crisp as soon as them meet the extreme hot oil, when the color turn to yellow, put them out. the pork inside is very soft. This is the essence of Chinese cooking skill, “crisp outside, soft inside”. Made the food having an amazing mouthfeel.

When I got up and got out of my bed, went to the kitchen with my camera, my mother had finished the first step because mother wanted me no need to wait to eat when I got up, I missed the most important part, my bad. I catch some original fried pork and have a taste, wow, amazing, albeit without seasonings, “crisp outside, soft inside” slightly hot.   

Second step

Cut the spring onion and the carrot into shreds, put them into the pan, stir-fry, about 20 second later add some Chinese vinegar, salt and sugar, stir-fry again.

Third step

Put the pork into the pan, make the sauce over the pork, mother like shake the pan and make the pork and the ingredients into air so it can help all ingredients mixed adequately and coated on the pork evenly, this feeling just like ya know, James Bond’s Martini, “Shaken, not stirred”. Yup, it’s funny, most Chinese cook like do that, it’s a Chinese cooking skill.

      the beautiful shake, unfortunately i didn’t snatch the shot that the pork and ingredients in the air

The beautiful shake (I didn’t snatch the shot ) means the art is finished. So put the ready cooked pork into a dash, applause! Great job.

Yummy, sweet and a bit sour with the special fried pork taste,  I love you ,mom. 😀



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  1. Aww you’re so sweet peng! You’re mom sounds like a very special person – and an excellent cook!!
    ha I have had an interesting experience with trying out the “shaken, not stirred” motto. I decided to try to make hot cocoa with shaking it and not stirring it….lets just say it exploded all over the kitchen, and burning me with hot liquid. We say I created a volcano. Soo yeah, not trying that again! 😛


    • haha~~yup, Tia, you should never ever try that again, volcano exploded in kitchen is dangerous and huge drama as well, 😛 i assume that is why James Bond have never shaken the Martini himself. i like to have Baileys mixed with the milk, the proportion is 1:1. shaken, not stirred, the taste is amazing, you should try it when you above the legal drinking age. 😀

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