The most famous and ridiculous Chinese tale is “Butterfly lovers” which was considered as “Romeo and Juliet” in China. It’s also happened in the many hundred years ago, The tale contains three teenagers, they are Liang  ( his Chinese name sound like “Leon”), Zhu (Jo), and Ma (Mark). they looked like three boys, but one of them is a girl. Liang is a nerdy boy, he like reading, reading, and reading and he is poor.  Ma is a play boy, his father was a very rich powerful person, so Ma’s pocket was super deep. And he got some bodyguards around him, he like hang over, and also be a regular to nightclubs in that period. See, nightclub is a tradition of human being. Zhu was the only girl, and her father is also a rich person, but not as rich as Ma’s. Women were discriminated in that period, girl have no rights to be educated, Zhu thought that was wrong, women are not born to cooking, cleaning, looking after babies, they have rights to enjoy life, to be educated like the guys, to know more about the world. So she resisted, but failed, then she got an idea, she make up as a guy, and went to school, it really works, no one found out she was a girl.

In the school, she met Liang and Ma, she admired Liang’s full of knowledge, they reading together, playing together, Liang and Zhu was really hit it off perfectly. Finally, she falled in love with him, but Liang didn’t notice that, ya know, he is a little nerdy, he also likes Zhu, but this feeling like uh~~ya know ”what’s up, bro” guy to guy. And Ma found something is not normal between Liang and Zhu, but Ma just supposed the relationship between them maybe like gay stuff. Obviously, Zhu looked not like a straight.

Year after year,  Time flies, this summer they all will graduated from school, Zhu assumed that it was the perfect time to tell the truth. So one night she dated Liang, tell him the truth and bare her heart that she love him. Liang was shocked, ( maybe surprised more than shocked ), he dunno what to do next, so he need to clam down and think it over alone. Soon, he made up his mind. Yup, he loved her too, so why to let it slip?

They should live together happily forever, they should be, but as all the love tale, there must be a bad guy show up at the so called “happy ending”, c’mon will it be something new? SNEEZE, sorry, it’s my allergy, Ok, play boy is the bad guy, Hugh Hefner said “what are you talking about?” Sorry sorry, no offence to you, on the opposite, you the hero. I am talking about Ma. He’s also a playboy, when he notice that Zhu is a girl, an ethereal looking girl, (also be educated before) he suddenly found out that he was falling in love with her as well. Confusion! Ma is that kind of guy who too care about what he likes to other people’s feeling. He followed Zhu and want Zhu chose him, but Zhu did not. So play boy use his old man’s power to force Zhu to marry him, obviously, Zhu’s father agreed, he wanted his daughter to marry a rich guy. So it seems no one on Zhu’s side even his father. She chose elopement with Liang. But they were caught soon by Ma and his hire thugs. (yup, the three hire thugs on the right, i think i should make them appeared to the audience)

 Liang was punched badly, and some days later, he died, yup, just died. (“IT WAS AN ACCIDENT” hire thugs explained ) And on the funeral Zhu came, she was so sad, just couldn’t stop crying, she suicided, like Romeo did. So the living people, play boy Ma, and his father, and Zhu’s father, everything they have done were futile efforts. They realised the power of true love, they realised they were wrong, all of them were wrong. Finally, Liang and Zhu’s bodies change into two butterflies, flying away, yup, the only educated girl, the make up expert changed into a butterfly and fly away with his lover. That’s the famous Chinese love story.

 But I think that ridiculous, in traditional Chinese culture, student in public school are not allowed to have a date ( by the way, they were seventeen then). Study in school is a serious stuff, so the tale is the only one advertisement for dating in school in ancient period. So weird. Second, Liang was punched to death. It’s too bloody, too cruel. ( even the killers looks lovely ) It’s not a good story for kids. Anyway, Chinese like the story and even make traditional opera, drama, play, movie, song and cartoon……



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  1. That’s very interesting!! Yes, quite dramatic, but so is Romeo and Juliet. Still, the tale is fascinating. But, wow – in public school you’re not allowed to date? That….really surprises me. I’m not saying its a bad thing either – education is very important. It’s just so different from the US. I love learning about other cultures!! 😀 thanks peng


    • yup, Tia, I’m afraid that dating in public school ( junior high school and high school ) is prohibited even now, dating students will be considered as bad students, just like fighting or cutting class. the teachers and the parents consider the teenagers puppy love is not normal, like freak stuff or evil stuff, make them so panic. ( i’m not sure what they worry about )
      but actually, most of Chinese high school students have date, it’s so common in school or out school on the street. so the society have accepted the fact, unwilling.
      so i suppose it’s very different from the US, Chinese parents don’t like to have a conversation about puppy love with their children. It makes them feel embarrassing. On the opposite, children suppose parents are too old school to understand them. School teacher like a cop, most students don’t like them.

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