Mid autumn day is a luna calendar festival. It’s usually comes in September or October. Chinese people eat moon cakes in that day. The festival is luna calendar August 15th, in that night, it’s full moon. Antique Chinese people liked enjoying the sight of the full moon and ate moon cakes. So it became a tradition. Today, mid autumn day is a legal holiday. Yup, I like legal holidays.

Most moon cakes are round. Because the full moon is round. The moon cakes have various kind of fillings. Most of the fillings are sweet. To be honest, I don’t like the taste of moon cakes very much. Maybe they are too sweet for me. But my father like eating them. So every mid autumn day, most of the moon cakes were eaten by my daddy. I often eat a little, just a bite.

                    These cakes above looks like mading from taro. 😀

These years, the price of moon cakes are sky rocketing. I have no idea why these kind of cakes cost so much? One kilogram normal moon cakes is about 90 CNY, ( about 14.28 dollar ), some senior ones are more expensive, maybe 200 CNY, 500 CNY, 1880 CNY……most of the super high price moon cakes are used by gifts. Here is something interesting, Haagen Dazs also sell moon cakes in China, and the price is high. Feel a little weird.

In fact, mid autumn day is slightly boring but so sweet. No out-door games or float , just stay home, must stay home, in Chinese culture, full moon means “团圆” reunion. So in that night, sons and daughters must come back to parents’ house, and have dinner together. No matter how far away they are. I think it’s like Christmas in Western Country. Reunion is the most important meaning of the festival.



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  1. Wow, you guys have so many holidays! I wish we had more holidays. I love them! Those moon cakes look really good; too bad they’re so expensive! I hope you have a great Mid-autumn day. 😀


    • Thank you, Tia. I’m sure I will have a great Mid-autumn day, haha~Chinese get so many redletter days. Funny. 😀
      Yup, the moon cakes looks good, I bet you will like them. ya know what, maybe I can post some to you and your family. What is your family address, Tia ?

      • Oh…are you sure you’d want to do that, peng? it’d be awful expensive to ship them, let alone the cost of the cakes themselves… they look delicious, but I don’t want to impose!


      • yup, I googled the procedure a moment ago and found that it’s a little complex. More complex than posting stuff in China. The cakes must be opened by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and be looked over. If so, I don’t think the cakes will look delicious any more, so, I give up my idea. Sorry Tia. 😦

      • oh that’s alright, peng! It’s the thought that counts. 😀 Really, that was very sweet of you. But I completely agree…shipping food across countries is very hard and doesn’t seem to work out so well! haha I really appreciate you thinking of it, though. 😉


      • Take it easy, Tia, don’t make it a big deal, It’s just my unsuccessful thought.
        Maybe you can email me your address if you don’t mind, I can try to send you a postcard when Christmas day come.

  2. Wow, those mooncakes look yummy! I am sure I could devour at least 3 of them! ;o) But I agree, they seem a bit overpriced, like everything is that is connected to some major holiday or another. Do you guys bake them yourselves, too? So typically for Haagen Dazs to have a share of this, must say.
    Have fun at mid-autumn day, when exactly is it this year?

    • Thank you, Laura. This year mid-autumn day is September 12th. But not every year, I’m not good at counting the lunar calendar days, so the Chinese calendar including lunar calendar.
      haha~~devouring 3 moon cakes at one time, I can’t do that, maybe one and a half, they are too sweet to me.
      We can’t make moon cakes at home, I mean making moon cakes is not difficult, but most Chinese family’s kitchen don’t have an oven, we usually steam food, boil food, stir fry food, and fry food, but can’t bake food. If we want eat some cookies or some crackers, we need to buy some from the food store. Thanks for commenting. 😀

      • Oh wow, thanks for the info. I didn’t know most chinese household’s didn’t own an oven. In Europe and the US it seems like an oven is a necessity, even though I don’t really know when I used mine the last time… 😉 Not really big on the baking part, here. You cannot bake mooncakes in the microwave either, I believe?

  3. hello friend! where did you go??? o.0 hope things are well. 🙂

  4. i have decided that you should get a new blog so you can update posts again. 🙂

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