I’m currently in beijing for some business stuff, I arrived here in yesterday morning, the Sunday, so I have a whole day to enjoy myself inbeijingcity.Beijingis so hot now, it’s 35 degree centigrade (about 95 degree), my hometown is much cooler this time. For some reasons, I travel to beijing twice or three times every year, and the most attraction for me is the world-famous recipe beijing duck, oh, I just can’t deny the special attractive power to me, I have eaten it every time, It seems to become a tradition, never change. So I had it these time with a best friend of mine who have lived and worked in beijing about eleven years. It’s really a wonderful time for me, the old friend, the tasty duck.

                         grilled duck slicing show

                       the  master show his grilling skill

I went to the back sea, the back sea is also very famous in beijing, I think the foreigner like the back sea, there are allot bars and restaurants, and allot chinese alley, it’s very interesting and special, and the back sea is not a real sea, it is just a little lake in the city, and I like the back sea too, it make me feel comfortable, and I took some pictures, I hope you like it too, katy gal and tia.

                       very special star bucks ,right?

And I also went to the qianmen street, it’s a ancient street with allot ancient shops, in china we call them the time-honoured brand. They are the proud of beijing people, and the quanjude beijing duck which I have enjoyed yesterday was one of them.

                        QUANJUDE beijing duck restaurant

And tomorrow, after the business meeting, I will tour and visit the beijing botanical garden and summer palace, they are all beautiful gardens, I’m so exciting.



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10 responses to “MY TRIP TO BEIJING PART1

  1. wow. China is truly amazing. I’ve never eaten duck, but it must be pretty important in China for there to be grilling shows and restaurants just for duck! Beijing is so beautiful…those are gorgeous pics. I *love* the Starbucks. 😀 Great post, chengpeng!


    • hi Tia, i’m so glad you like the post, yep, the quanjude beijing duck is one of the most dainty chinese recipe, so is the price, it’s really amazing for me. beijing is a good place to hang out, very ancient, very old school and very urban, very morden. i like the city. thank you for your comment

  2. haha! another thing i’ll have to add to my list of things to try! the quanjude bejing duck looks tasty… yes, i’ll definitely have to add it to my list. 😀

    i love the pictures of all of the colorful shops! heh, i like shopping, and there seems to be allot of shops there. 😉 and y’all have a starbucks! i love starbucks. 🙂

    have a fun time while you’re in bejing! 😀

    • thank you, katy, i’m really having a great time. haha~~i knew it~when i see the little shop, i knew you will like it, 😀 i just had this feeling, i mean, not for all gals like shopping, but shopping in beijing is very different, you can get some interesting maybe weird little stuff, and not too expensive. very fun.
      yeah, i think you should take a taste of beijing duck, now you know the restaurant’s name, quanjude, so, i’m quite sure you will like it. yummy yummy 😀
      well, i heard that you will be a college fresh man very soon, it’s so exciting, have a great time in college 😀

      • heehee, it looks like so much fun. shopping in bejing, i mean. 😛 and eating that duck too! 😀

        thanks! i’m excited and a bit nervous. 😛 because i’ve done school at home my whole life, i don’t know what it’s like in a classroom situation. or living in a dorm for that matter. hee, i’m just a little nervous. 😀

      • a bit nervous? heehee, maybe, but i think studing in a classroom with other people and living in a dorm could also know allot friends.
        have done school at home, it’s so amazing, i mean, in our country, it’s impossible, chinese school is so boring, indeed, tragedy of i really wanna try have school at home like you did. 😀

      • that’s true. i’ve just got to get past the most nerve-wracking part – saying ‘hi’. i dunno why i always get so nervous, but that’s the worst part. 😛

        haha, well there certainly are benefits. because i was home-schooled, i’ve been protected from allot of stuff in the public schools here in the united states. there are some minuses to home-schooling though – sometimes i found it hard to focus on my homework when i don’t have somebody personally teaching me. but it’s been a neat experience and i’m glad that i was protected from some of the stuff that’s out in the real world. my mama’s super protective of me like that. :} i’m glad i did it. 😀

      • i used to be nervous like you, katy, i dunno why either, maybe i pay more attention to other people’s feeling, how other people think about me, the first impression i gave to a person who i met the first time, maybe that’s why i got nervous. that’s the worst part indeed.

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