Have you ever had this kind of friends before, you were getting along with him/her well, you hung out together and had fun several times, sweet, you really like hanging out with him/her. But day after day, you found out something uncomfortable since he/she never call you first, i am not mean to my friends, i don’t know, maybe. But this kind of feeling really make me feel bad. I dunno why? Did i do something wrong? I just need you call me or text me once, make me feel our friendship, hope it will happen one day.

Maybe i’m a dramatic person, easy to be happy or be sad, easy to feel lonely sometimes.


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Mid autumn day is a luna calendar festival. It’s usually comes in September or October. Chinese people eat moon cakes in that day. The festival is luna calendar August 15th, in that night, it’s full moon. Antique Chinese people liked enjoying the sight of the full moon and ate moon cakes. So it became a tradition. Today, mid autumn day is a legal holiday. Yup, I like legal holidays.

Most moon cakes are round. Because the full moon is round. The moon cakes have various kind of fillings. Most of the fillings are sweet. To be honest, I don’t like the taste of moon cakes very much. Maybe they are too sweet for me. But my father like eating them. So every mid autumn day, most of the moon cakes were eaten by my daddy. I often eat a little, just a bite.

                    These cakes above looks like mading from taro. 😀

These years, the price of moon cakes are sky rocketing. I have no idea why these kind of cakes cost so much? One kilogram normal moon cakes is about 90 CNY, ( about 14.28 dollar ), some senior ones are more expensive, maybe 200 CNY, 500 CNY, 1880 CNY……most of the super high price moon cakes are used by gifts. Here is something interesting, Haagen Dazs also sell moon cakes in China, and the price is high. Feel a little weird.

In fact, mid autumn day is slightly boring but so sweet. No out-door games or float , just stay home, must stay home, in Chinese culture, full moon means “团圆” reunion. So in that night, sons and daughters must come back to parents’ house, and have dinner together. No matter how far away they are. I think it’s like Christmas in Western Country. Reunion is the most important meaning of the festival.


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Last night, my mother and I watched the “Chinese language bridge” competition. It’s an annual TV show, showing about the Chinese language skill of the foreign students who are learning in Chinese colleges currently.

The tryout were held from one city to another, all over the country, just like American Idol. Finally, we got top 100 from all over China, and top 40, top 20 …… top 5, top 3, and last night was the final.

The whole final was so exciting. The top 3 are from Costa Rica, South Korea and France. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see Ming Jiang ( his Chinese name ) in the final, he is a United States guy, one of top 5, I like him, he abandoned his opportunity of rising to top 3, and gave the opportunity to his opponent, the South Korean girl, very gentlemen.

I was shocked last night by the Chinese language level of the player’s, absolutely. Some questions were so hard, to be honest, as a Chinese guy, I could not sure about the correct answer. But they did. The France player’s Chinese name is Ying Xiong, it means “hero” in Chinese, and he really is. He knew so much about China, and his spoken Chinese was so pure, without any accent. So if the Chinese language is really as hard as the people said to learn for a guy from Europe or the States, look this guys, they did it so well, so why couldn’t I learn a foreign language well ?

It’s an encouragement. I have being wanted to speak English as well as Chinese one day, some times it seems so hard to me. Learning and forgetting, it really freak me out. I think i should learn from these people, stick to it.


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“SHALLOW HAL” ( 2001 ) feature Gwyneth Paltrow and Jack Bleck, comedy. I’ve seen this movie some years before, but this time I got some new ideas and I just want to share with you.

The plot of this movie: Hal, the shallow guy who is dying to get a relationship with a classic beauty. But the only problem is that he is not good-looking enough to attract to beautiful ladies. Albeit Hal seems never lose heart. One day, Hal met a famous TV guru guy who was trapped in the elevator with him, and Hal was hypnotized by this unshallow guy, from that day, Hal can only see inner beauty in everyone, including the people are not physically attractive. So many laughingstock. 😀

So, can you tell me between the inner beauty of people and the outside good-looking, which one is more important please? This subject of debate has been argued many many times, so, I got a new one. “ Why did people hardly get both of them?” I mean, a kind-hearted good-looking is so funny, nice, desirable. By the way, the inspiration came from the acting of Gwyneth Paltrow. I suppose Gwyneth’s acting was amazing in this movie, unbelievable, she make the audience forget her ethereal face and willowy, I mean, we saw Gwyneth Paltrow, the super beautiful lady, but that’s not the point, she was down to earth, yep, she captured the feeling of a kind-hearted, humor, nice gal but not very beautiful, she loves life, albeit she used to be laughed at by some idiots about her fat body, she can’t be fit what ever she tried, so she would rather use her time to be a volunteer helping other people who need help than do some shallow stuff. She felt so embarrassing when she break the restaurant’s chair because of her overweight, she adored other gals who could date a  guy in weekend. She couldn’t believe her ear when a guy ask for her cell phone number, she treat her love so serious…… Gwyneth did it, she showed us a special beauty which we often missing or ignoring in our life. Maybe we are too shallow some times. she touched the audiences, by appearance and emotion. What I got from Gwyneth was that the good-looking is the gift given to some people by the God. People should appreciate it, not abuse it. But unfortunately, many people like abuse their gifts. Otherwise, treating people rude and mean is not correct, judging a person only by appearance is not correct. I know some good-looking guys and ladies, most of them abuse their beauty, it’s just like they were born to be desirable, or they think so by themselves, so they seems having rights to do some stupid things, their lives are so boring without purpose. I’m not make myself be the special one, but, people, just don’t waste your life, life is short, so many amazing things are waiting for you to learn about, to explore, don’t be an idiot only having a pretty face, appearance could not never changed, don’t make a fool of yourself.

Anyway, appearance is not the only important thing worth taking too much time to deal with. It remind me another actor, he is absolutely good-looking, but he seems never make it a big deal, he seems never care about his mold, he is willing to explore some other amazing inside him, and show to the audience, what make he so special, more than a pretty boy. Yep, Johnny Depp. I use to suppose Johnny is addicted to break his beauty, maybe he was tired of being good-looking, ya know, it’s so easy for him, he was born to be a pretty boy. Maybe it sounds a little stupid, people like pretty boy. Pretty boy can get the stuff what he wants so easily, especially for the actors. So why Johnny didn’t notice that? I have no idea, but I know that Johnny really have done great jobs on and on since he stated to be an actor. People love him because he is the guy who like to challenge himself in acting. He has shown the people an acting artist, not only a pretty face.

Ok, let me show you a negative example who abuse his beauty, obviously he is not the only one. This guy is a Hong Kong actor( maybe a singer as well ), named Edison Chen, he is a pretty play boy who likes hanging out with young ladies in night club, his pocket is super deep, his song is super suck, ( boy, he call it HIP-HOP ), he is lucky enough to play a bit role in “Batman: The Dark Knight”, about 10 seconds acting. His gossips are more popular than his movies or songs. About two years before, he played fires too much, he leaked his sex pictures with some other actress and supermodels on the website. Medias started to criticize him, people don’t adore him any more, obviously, it’s not to hard to find another pretty face in Hong Kong. People suddenly noticed that nothing amazing memories he had left for his fans, the only impression he showed to the people was just like “ Hi, I’m super pretty ” ,yep, he had never been caring about other people who need help, he is just a shallow guy who be forgot so easily. Look, who is the real stupid guy?

So, if you are born to be good-looking, be grateful, be nice, be deep, and don’t be a smart ass, don’t be shallow. Trust me, You will be benefited a great deal.


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How long is a month? Thirty or thirty-one days, ( February is shorter). Do you have ever got a feeling that you are waiting for some thing happen, not too soon, not too long. Jut like “the day next month, I will ……” YEP, I’m sure you all have got this kind of feeling before. The every single expectancy made our life amazing. So currently a month time means something to me, the whole allergic season, a cycle of got paid, and Katy’s journey is costing one month as well, and I think she will finish the road trip soon. Yep, I start missing her.

Today is August 10, about the 11th day of my allergic season, there are about 20 boring days left, things get slightly worse, boy, I just feel that I lost my ability of adapting my body to the temperature outside. It sound a little weird, I mean if the atmospheric temperature changed by coming into a cooler room or something like that. The reaction of me is sneezing on and on. Boy, it’s really fantastic. How many times can you sneeze on and on, without even a tiny break? My new record is 11 times. Not too weak, right? If some one can break my new record, just let me know.

Yup, running nose is really embarrassing sometimes. Especially when both of your hands are busy. Would you just stop for a second? August is definitely my nightmare on elm street. But to other people who are health enough to have no allergic problems, August is great, usually, the atmospheric temperature of the morning and night is cool, the shining and the pouring is flip-flop. Basically, August is not as hot as the former two months. People like August, but me, on the opposite. I have to get on and off my shirt frequently to keep warm. Obviously, this month is too long for me. I’m looking forward to September. I will get a celebration party started. Yup, in Sep. ,I will survive, “ At first I was afraid I was petrified, kept thinking I could never live without you by my side, But then I spent so many nights. Thinking how you did me wrong, and I grew strong, and I learn how to get along ” yup, I like this song.

Every time when I was itchiness and dizziness with running nose, breaking my sneeze record again and again, I have an understanding so clear. Life is short. So we should cherish our time, doing the things we really passionate about, especially guys like me, having to use an entire month to fight against micro pollen. Look, my own time of a year is 11 months, so sad. 😥 the worst thing is that “ people often feel time gone too soon when they deal with the stuff they passionate about, on the opposite, days wear on like years when the situation is bad ( just like suffering pollen allergy ). ” it’s so sad, we all have this kind of experience that you are having a good time with your friends in the Friday night talking and drinking, when you watch the time by chance, it’s 11 o’clock already, the original feeling of you is WHAT? you didn’t notice the time wearing on, it should be 9 o’ clock, yup, 9 o’clock is hold water, just like some one steal your time. However, I often got this kind of feeling.

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The most famous and ridiculous Chinese tale is “Butterfly lovers” which was considered as “Romeo and Juliet” in China. It’s also happened in the many hundred years ago, The tale contains three teenagers, they are Liang  ( his Chinese name sound like “Leon”), Zhu (Jo), and Ma (Mark). they looked like three boys, but one of them is a girl. Liang is a nerdy boy, he like reading, reading, and reading and he is poor.  Ma is a play boy, his father was a very rich powerful person, so Ma’s pocket was super deep. And he got some bodyguards around him, he like hang over, and also be a regular to nightclubs in that period. See, nightclub is a tradition of human being. Zhu was the only girl, and her father is also a rich person, but not as rich as Ma’s. Women were discriminated in that period, girl have no rights to be educated, Zhu thought that was wrong, women are not born to cooking, cleaning, looking after babies, they have rights to enjoy life, to be educated like the guys, to know more about the world. So she resisted, but failed, then she got an idea, she make up as a guy, and went to school, it really works, no one found out she was a girl.

In the school, she met Liang and Ma, she admired Liang’s full of knowledge, they reading together, playing together, Liang and Zhu was really hit it off perfectly. Finally, she falled in love with him, but Liang didn’t notice that, ya know, he is a little nerdy, he also likes Zhu, but this feeling like uh~~ya know ”what’s up, bro” guy to guy. And Ma found something is not normal between Liang and Zhu, but Ma just supposed the relationship between them maybe like gay stuff. Obviously, Zhu looked not like a straight.

Year after year,  Time flies, this summer they all will graduated from school, Zhu assumed that it was the perfect time to tell the truth. So one night she dated Liang, tell him the truth and bare her heart that she love him. Liang was shocked, ( maybe surprised more than shocked ), he dunno what to do next, so he need to clam down and think it over alone. Soon, he made up his mind. Yup, he loved her too, so why to let it slip?

They should live together happily forever, they should be, but as all the love tale, there must be a bad guy show up at the so called “happy ending”, c’mon will it be something new? SNEEZE, sorry, it’s my allergy, Ok, play boy is the bad guy, Hugh Hefner said “what are you talking about?” Sorry sorry, no offence to you, on the opposite, you the hero. I am talking about Ma. He’s also a playboy, when he notice that Zhu is a girl, an ethereal looking girl, (also be educated before) he suddenly found out that he was falling in love with her as well. Confusion! Ma is that kind of guy who too care about what he likes to other people’s feeling. He followed Zhu and want Zhu chose him, but Zhu did not. So play boy use his old man’s power to force Zhu to marry him, obviously, Zhu’s father agreed, he wanted his daughter to marry a rich guy. So it seems no one on Zhu’s side even his father. She chose elopement with Liang. But they were caught soon by Ma and his hire thugs. (yup, the three hire thugs on the right, i think i should make them appeared to the audience)

 Liang was punched badly, and some days later, he died, yup, just died. (“IT WAS AN ACCIDENT” hire thugs explained ) And on the funeral Zhu came, she was so sad, just couldn’t stop crying, she suicided, like Romeo did. So the living people, play boy Ma, and his father, and Zhu’s father, everything they have done were futile efforts. They realised the power of true love, they realised they were wrong, all of them were wrong. Finally, Liang and Zhu’s bodies change into two butterflies, flying away, yup, the only educated girl, the make up expert changed into a butterfly and fly away with his lover. That’s the famous Chinese love story.

 But I think that ridiculous, in traditional Chinese culture, student in public school are not allowed to have a date ( by the way, they were seventeen then). Study in school is a serious stuff, so the tale is the only one advertisement for dating in school in ancient period. So weird. Second, Liang was punched to death. It’s too bloody, too cruel. ( even the killers looks lovely ) It’s not a good story for kids. Anyway, Chinese like the story and even make traditional opera, drama, play, movie, song and cartoon……


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This Saturday is lunar calendar 7th of July. The Chinese valentine’s day, so as a Chinese guy, we can celebrate the valentine’s day twice, one in winter, the other one in summer, but I don’t have a date this year, so I have no plan about this weekend but share some Chinese culture to my friends on the other side of the earth. ( they must be sleeping at this moment  🙂  )

Yup, as every holiday or red-letter day, there must be a reason or a tale. The tale of Chinese valentine’s day is a fairy story, I’m sure this not a real story. Because the beginning of the story is “once upon a time” . 😀 so here we go.

ONCE UPON A TIME, the ancient China was dominated by the celestial and the celestial were dominated by their queen, they had strict laws, the queen of celestial had seven beautiful daughters, they are ethereal looking and willowy. Once they got together down on the earth and took a shower in the river, a farmer named Dong was walking past the river and saw them, the girls noticed there is a human and all fly back to heaven, except the youngest one. Because Dong had hidden her outfit, she can’t get out of the river for shy. Dong didn’t hurt her, and on the opposite, Dong was very gentle he gave the outfit back to the peri, and said what he had done just want to make her stay here, in the human world. I suppose Dong must be very handsome and tough, the peri also got a feeling about him, so the peri stayed, they fell in love and got married soon, than they had a baby, maybe two babies. It seems to be a happy ending.

Except one person, ( maybe not a person ), the queen of celestial. The queen is a hardliner and very old school, celestial were not allowed to be married with human-being. So she was furious with anger when she heard of that her youngest daughter had broken the rules. She sent “one hundred thousand celestial soldiers” to arrest peri. ( interesting, in Chinese fairy stories, in every wars or arrests, “one hundred thousand celestial soldiers” were send, even there is no need to send so many soldiers, but they looked like a crew, never be apart, it seems that every mission is a big deal, in my opinion the only big deal mission worth to send so many soldiers was arresting the monkey king, ok, back to the story ) Albeit, we all believe that Dong is not a man who lacking in responsibility to protect his wife, but all the resistance he tried were futile efforts, see, guys, never provoke the mother in law. 😀

The peri was arrested back to heaven, as a punishment, she must keep weaving round the clock. So peri did it, and she missed her husband so much she was crying all the time, she had been weaving the colorful brilliant silk fabric in the heaven and the silk fabric are the rosy clouds we see in the human world.

Year after year, maybe the true love moved the queen, she allowed Dong –the peri’s husband come to the heaven, and even gave him a job, feeding the cow, see, ancient Chinese celestial cowboy.   🙄  Dong and Peri living in the heaven, but the queen allowed them could meet each other only one day in a year, lunar calendar the 7th of July. So they worked hard and waiting for the only day they could live together. So Chinese make the day as valentine’s day, a tribute to their love story.

With human’s naked eye, we can’t see them, we only can see two star in the night sky, one called “cowherd” star牛郎 ( belongs to Aquila) the other named “girl weaver” star 织女 ( belongs to Lyra), in the middle of them, is galaxy, the queen make it with her comb or something, we can see both of the “cowherd” star and “ girl weaver” star in summer, one day, they are the most closest, lunar calendar, the 7th of July. 

Let me show you where they are.

Hope you like this, I have planed to share another famous Chinese love story as well, but that will make this post too long, so I will share it on my next post, the “Butterfly lovers”.  Chinese “Romeo and Juliet”


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