“SHALLOW HAL” ( 2001 ) feature Gwyneth Paltrow and Jack Bleck, comedy. I’ve seen this movie some years before, but this time I got some new ideas and I just want to share with you.

The plot of this movie: Hal, the shallow guy who is dying to get a relationship with a classic beauty. But the only problem is that he is not good-looking enough to attract to beautiful ladies. Albeit Hal seems never lose heart. One day, Hal met a famous TV guru guy who was trapped in the elevator with him, and Hal was hypnotized by this unshallow guy, from that day, Hal can only see inner beauty in everyone, including the people are not physically attractive. So many laughingstock. 😀

So, can you tell me between the inner beauty of people and the outside good-looking, which one is more important please? This subject of debate has been argued many many times, so, I got a new one. “ Why did people hardly get both of them?” I mean, a kind-hearted good-looking is so funny, nice, desirable. By the way, the inspiration came from the acting of Gwyneth Paltrow. I suppose Gwyneth’s acting was amazing in this movie, unbelievable, she make the audience forget her ethereal face and willowy, I mean, we saw Gwyneth Paltrow, the super beautiful lady, but that’s not the point, she was down to earth, yep, she captured the feeling of a kind-hearted, humor, nice gal but not very beautiful, she loves life, albeit she used to be laughed at by some idiots about her fat body, she can’t be fit what ever she tried, so she would rather use her time to be a volunteer helping other people who need help than do some shallow stuff. She felt so embarrassing when she break the restaurant’s chair because of her overweight, she adored other gals who could date a  guy in weekend. She couldn’t believe her ear when a guy ask for her cell phone number, she treat her love so serious…… Gwyneth did it, she showed us a special beauty which we often missing or ignoring in our life. Maybe we are too shallow some times. she touched the audiences, by appearance and emotion. What I got from Gwyneth was that the good-looking is the gift given to some people by the God. People should appreciate it, not abuse it. But unfortunately, many people like abuse their gifts. Otherwise, treating people rude and mean is not correct, judging a person only by appearance is not correct. I know some good-looking guys and ladies, most of them abuse their beauty, it’s just like they were born to be desirable, or they think so by themselves, so they seems having rights to do some stupid things, their lives are so boring without purpose. I’m not make myself be the special one, but, people, just don’t waste your life, life is short, so many amazing things are waiting for you to learn about, to explore, don’t be an idiot only having a pretty face, appearance could not never changed, don’t make a fool of yourself.

Anyway, appearance is not the only important thing worth taking too much time to deal with. It remind me another actor, he is absolutely good-looking, but he seems never make it a big deal, he seems never care about his mold, he is willing to explore some other amazing inside him, and show to the audience, what make he so special, more than a pretty boy. Yep, Johnny Depp. I use to suppose Johnny is addicted to break his beauty, maybe he was tired of being good-looking, ya know, it’s so easy for him, he was born to be a pretty boy. Maybe it sounds a little stupid, people like pretty boy. Pretty boy can get the stuff what he wants so easily, especially for the actors. So why Johnny didn’t notice that? I have no idea, but I know that Johnny really have done great jobs on and on since he stated to be an actor. People love him because he is the guy who like to challenge himself in acting. He has shown the people an acting artist, not only a pretty face.

Ok, let me show you a negative example who abuse his beauty, obviously he is not the only one. This guy is a Hong Kong actor( maybe a singer as well ), named Edison Chen, he is a pretty play boy who likes hanging out with young ladies in night club, his pocket is super deep, his song is super suck, ( boy, he call it HIP-HOP ), he is lucky enough to play a bit role in “Batman: The Dark Knight”, about 10 seconds acting. His gossips are more popular than his movies or songs. About two years before, he played fires too much, he leaked his sex pictures with some other actress and supermodels on the website. Medias started to criticize him, people don’t adore him any more, obviously, it’s not to hard to find another pretty face in Hong Kong. People suddenly noticed that nothing amazing memories he had left for his fans, the only impression he showed to the people was just like “ Hi, I’m super pretty ” ,yep, he had never been caring about other people who need help, he is just a shallow guy who be forgot so easily. Look, who is the real stupid guy?

So, if you are born to be good-looking, be grateful, be nice, be deep, and don’t be a smart ass, don’t be shallow. Trust me, You will be benefited a great deal.



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  1. Once again, a great synopsis of Johnny! He’s absolutely amazing. 😉

    But yeah I totally agree with you. There’s a Bible verse in Proverbs that says something close to, “A beautiful woman without discretion is like a gold ring in a pig’s nose.” Now that seems harsh, but it’s so true. If you’re pretty but can’t relate to other people, or are stuck up, it destroys your beauty. Inner beauty is priceless, and is the type needing protection.


    • yup, thank you Tia, i didn’t mean to be harsh, i just supposed that it’s really a pity that if a pretty girl destroys her beauty by her own behave.
      BTW, it seems to be the last several days of my allergic month, still so much snot, gross, and it’s really itchy in the corner of my eyes. whatever, i start to count the days. 😀

    • Thank you, Tia, it’s so kind of you to say so. 😀

  2. this is a late comment, i know. 🙂

    but as i was skimming through all your posts (the ones i haven’t had a chance to read) this one struck me, with so many good points! thank you for sharing all of that. 😀 in today’s day and age, people are only renown for their looks where as we need to focus more on the heart. good points. 🙂

    • Katy, your comment is never late 😀
      yup, today, too many people abandon their good culture and tradition, the so-called mainstream culture guide some people to an extreme way which filled with shallow stuff, vanity, and the easy way to reap without sowing. This kind of people are too lazy to feel the world by their heart, or hear the voice from the bottom of their heart. These people only use their eyes to know the world, be told what is beauty by fashion magazine. Just as what I posted, a good-looking live with no other purpose but vanity. It’s really a pity.

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