How long is a month? Thirty or thirty-one days, ( February is shorter). Do you have ever got a feeling that you are waiting for some thing happen, not too soon, not too long. Jut like “the day next month, I will ……” YEP, I’m sure you all have got this kind of feeling before. The every single expectancy made our life amazing. So currently a month time means something to me, the whole allergic season, a cycle of got paid, and Katy’s journey is costing one month as well, and I think she will finish the road trip soon. Yep, I start missing her.

Today is August 10, about the 11th day of my allergic season, there are about 20 boring days left, things get slightly worse, boy, I just feel that I lost my ability of adapting my body to the temperature outside. It sound a little weird, I mean if the atmospheric temperature changed by coming into a cooler room or something like that. The reaction of me is sneezing on and on. Boy, it’s really fantastic. How many times can you sneeze on and on, without even a tiny break? My new record is 11 times. Not too weak, right? If some one can break my new record, just let me know.

Yup, running nose is really embarrassing sometimes. Especially when both of your hands are busy. Would you just stop for a second? August is definitely my nightmare on elm street. But to other people who are health enough to have no allergic problems, August is great, usually, the atmospheric temperature of the morning and night is cool, the shining and the pouring is flip-flop. Basically, August is not as hot as the former two months. People like August, but me, on the opposite. I have to get on and off my shirt frequently to keep warm. Obviously, this month is too long for me. I’m looking forward to September. I will get a celebration party started. Yup, in Sep. ,I will survive, “ At first I was afraid I was petrified, kept thinking I could never live without you by my side, But then I spent so many nights. Thinking how you did me wrong, and I grew strong, and I learn how to get along ” yup, I like this song.

Every time when I was itchiness and dizziness with running nose, breaking my sneeze record again and again, I have an understanding so clear. Life is short. So we should cherish our time, doing the things we really passionate about, especially guys like me, having to use an entire month to fight against micro pollen. Look, my own time of a year is 11 months, so sad. 😥 the worst thing is that “ people often feel time gone too soon when they deal with the stuff they passionate about, on the opposite, days wear on like years when the situation is bad ( just like suffering pollen allergy ). ” it’s so sad, we all have this kind of experience that you are having a good time with your friends in the Friday night talking and drinking, when you watch the time by chance, it’s 11 o’clock already, the original feeling of you is WHAT? you didn’t notice the time wearing on, it should be 9 o’ clock, yup, 9 o’clock is hold water, just like some one steal your time. However, I often got this kind of feeling.


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