Something About Me

Hey,my name is chenpeng,I live in haerbin,China.I am a guy who always have good appetite,so I’m interested in recipe.I like history、science、hiking、travelling、ice hocky、skii 、hollywood movies、and bacardi rum.but my biggest hobby is dancing,oh,I just love dancing,it’s fantastic,when I was dancing,I forget all of bad things,what I wanna do at the moment is just to enjoy the music,to capture the meaning,to feel it,and express it with my body,it’s the free world belong to me,nothing but music,maybe I should do dancing as my career,but unfortunately,I couldn’t.Newstyle couldn’t make good money in China,even though people in China are more intrigued than skeptical about Hip-hop.My dayjob is network design.To be honest,it’s a high-stress job,quite frequently overtime is a real headache.Working round the clock once or twice every year.But Newstyle gives me the chance to escape the busy feeling from the dayjob.Justin Timberlake’s songs always make me move my body,it’s so funny,it’s automatic,it’s make workout so easy and awesome.yep,I just love dancing.

                   a network designer who loving Newstyle dance


4 responses to “Something About Me

  1. haha I love your pictures! so original. 😉 I don’t think I can tell you like dancing… haha JK. My older bro dances really well and he likes it a lot too. nice blog. chenpeng!


    • Thank you, Tia. Oh, trust me, i’m crazy about dancing, i used to dancing alone in studio, in front of the mirror, the whole night. This feeling is so great.
      Next weekend, there is a battle party, it gonna be awesome. I can’t imagine the life to be without Justin Timberlake、T.I、Black Eyed Peas、Beyonce、rihanna……
      And give my regards to JK, please.From a Chinese dancer.

  2. Haven’t heard from you in a long time. I saw your blog again because I read through my comments. I hope you are doing well! Greetz from NY.

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