My mother is absolutely a cooking expert, a cooking artist. Last Friday, I got a plan to have lunch with my mother on Saturday, mother asked me what do I want to eat, I replied “I have no idea, maybe, sweet-sour fried pork ” maybe you can only eat in the town where I reside, mother said, “OK, I will do it in home ”. Wow, I’m so exciting. My mother is an expert for cooking, mom’s cooking always be my favor. The fried beef she did is amazing, no one could do the beef like she did, and the special mutton, I took the special mutton to high school once, and my friends had a chance to have a taste, they said they will never forget the taste. the tomato beef soup is also amazing, do is the tofu, the noodles, even the omelet, But my mother seems has never cooked “sweet-sour fried pork” before, maybe once. So it’s a new challenge, I decided to record the moment and post it, haha I have never post a recipe before, I was so exciting.

Before we start cooking, here are something we should prepare.

1.  Half kilogram lean pork with no fat

2.  Amylum

3.  Egg white

4.  Two ounce water

5.  Half carrot

6.  One spring onion

7.  Sugar, salt, Chinese vinegar

First step

Cut the pork into slices, and mix the starch ( made from potato power), egg white and water into sauce, yup, it’s really sticky, coated each slices of pork with the sticky sauce, heat the oil up, fried the slices of pork with sauce coated over, the sauce will be changed into crisp as soon as them meet the extreme hot oil, when the color turn to yellow, put them out. the pork inside is very soft. This is the essence of Chinese cooking skill, “crisp outside, soft inside”. Made the food having an amazing mouthfeel.

When I got up and got out of my bed, went to the kitchen with my camera, my mother had finished the first step because mother wanted me no need to wait to eat when I got up, I missed the most important part, my bad. I catch some original fried pork and have a taste, wow, amazing, albeit without seasonings, “crisp outside, soft inside” slightly hot.   

Second step

Cut the spring onion and the carrot into shreds, put them into the pan, stir-fry, about 20 second later add some Chinese vinegar, salt and sugar, stir-fry again.

Third step

Put the pork into the pan, make the sauce over the pork, mother like shake the pan and make the pork and the ingredients into air so it can help all ingredients mixed adequately and coated on the pork evenly, this feeling just like ya know, James Bond’s Martini, “Shaken, not stirred”. Yup, it’s funny, most Chinese cook like do that, it’s a Chinese cooking skill.

      the beautiful shake, unfortunately i didn’t snatch the shot that the pork and ingredients in the air

The beautiful shake (I didn’t snatch the shot ) means the art is finished. So put the ready cooked pork into a dash, applause! Great job.

Yummy, sweet and a bit sour with the special fried pork taste,  I love you ,mom. 😀



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Finally, they come, millions of them dominate the air around me, itchiness dizziness, running nose, boy, the annual allergic season come again, I should start to mark my calendar and count the day. The entire August will be rough, undoubtedly, like other August I have pasted since 5 years ago.

Ok, it’s no need to blame it every year, it’s just allergy, just something make you feel not cosy, like your high school teacher Miss Shan, so don’t make it a big deal, peng, easy and make a smile.  🙂 

I literally should smile because here are some interesting aspects of my allergic month.

First, the allergic arrive in time every year, SO EXACT , 30th of July on the dot. Funny, isn’t it? Last night, everything was fan, no bad feeling, no running nose, the next morning, when I get up, my nose feel uncomfortable, slightly itch, so weird, and became sensitive to cold feeling, what can I say, “Good morning, pollen, I really had a good time with your siblings last August ” yup, 30th of July, I never miss it.

Second, it make me so special, not too many Chinese people are allergic to pollen like me so seriously, so, people around me always think I got flu or something else. I have to explain to them that allergic to pollen is definitely different from having flu. But I have hardly got flu or had a cold since I notice that I’m allergic about 5 years ago, even some tough guy got flu, I didn’t. maybe allergy give me an extra resistance to flu, I guess so. I know, I know it sound ridiculous, but this stupid thought really make me feel not too bad or unlucky to have allergy, ya know, in one month my nose is running, but in the other ELEVEN months, I’m super health.

Third one, the experience make me believe the micro stuff which you can’t see it with your naked eye is real. For example, the pollen, you can’t see them with your naked eye, maybe you ignore them, but I can feel them, maybe a bit suffering. A friend of mine said why she can’t smile the pollen? She don’t believe because she can’t see them last year. I said because you are luck then. But I don’t suppose like that these year, if I born to be allergic to pollen, I just to be what I should be.

Fourth, it’s really a good opportunity to know about myself, to take care of myself. Don’t be too tired, don’t stay up late, don’t drink alcohol, yup, in August life seems a bit boring, but in August peng is literally a good boy.

Fortunately, I have found that doing something in focus would make me feel better, like eating foods, dancing, and playing video games. This kind of stuff make me not notice that something was sliding in my nose. So I was eating very often in the allergic month, August, to be honest, I have a big sweet tooth, so allergy give me a good excuse to enjoy crackers, cookies, chocolate, without feeling any guilty. See, cookies is really the best medicine to me.

But there is really one thing make me feel guilty, I’m an environmentalist,in august I’ll use countless facial tissues, which made from trees, forgive me, for I have sinned. I promise I will try my best to save facial tissues.

Currently I have started counted the day, time flies, so I bet I will go through the August without any trouble ( yup, maybe a bit ), with smile, with my cookies, I’ll survive, see you in September.


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Last night, I saw a movie named “Burlesque” features Cher and Christina Aguilera, the latter is one of my favor singer, blonde, ethereal looking and voice, talented, amazing. Well, I dunno whether you have seen it or not, Burlesque is a night club in L.A, so this a story about a young lady chased her dream and love in big city, it really reminded me of another movie, “coyote ugly” one of my favor movie, “coyote ugly” is the name of a bar as well, violet is a Jersey girl, her dream is being a song writer, she has talent and passion, so she left home and went to New York city. But dream is not easy to be come true, after being refused by some music corporation several times, violet was losing confidence in her dream, even sing in a bar, she was too nervous to sing in front of customers, the worst situation was that her rent room was stolen by robber (“burlesque” got the same scene, interesting ), no cash left, she was left stranded. An occasional chance, she got a job in a bar named “coyote ugly”, and in there, she met some other girls, some very friendly, some not really……the movie had a happy ending, finally voilet’s dream came true, and she also got a beautiful love and cherished friendship. It’s nice, right? and allot nice soundtracks in the movie, like “can’t fight the moonlight”, “unbelievable”……I collected the DVD. I like the story about dream come true, specially about the New York city, I have heard that there is a real “Coyote Ugly” in Vegas, or somewhere.

And “Burlesque” is more like a broadway musical, I like musical, I like vibrant movies, singing and dancing, “singin’ in the rain” the classic, I dream i can dance like them like Gene kelly one day, and “the sound of music” and other good movies, oh, don’t forget Disney movies, be famous with great soundtracks… speaking of “Burlesque” , Christina in this movie showed her unbelievable amazing voice, how can a blonde could sing like that? I was shocked, absolutely, since many many years ago, the first time i heard her amazing sound, i think that were “reflection” and “i turn to you”, the former is the soundtrack of a Disney movie about a chinese true story in ancient, “Mulan”. I’m glad that Christina have not changed for so many years. Although she had some troubles before just like most super stars, any way, there is a healthy vibrant Christina singing and dancing on the stage, great show. “Burlesque” and “Coyote Ugly”, both of them make me refreshing, you can’t deny that music got a mystery power, music can give people the chance to be escaped from the reality life, bring them to a wonderland, awesome. If you ask me what have you got from this kind of movies? well, i suppose, holding your dreams, cherishing your dreams, dreams are the best wealth we got.

 I hope you like both of the movies and having a great weekend. By the way, If you have no special plan in your weekend schedule. Watching movie is a good choice.

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“Don’t you believe it? I believe it.” This statement was said by the spokesman of china railway ministry someday before. And it was spread all over the country. The story was that, some medias doubted the reason why the railway ministry officials ordered to bury the locomotive after the accident, they said that for rescue. It really hard to understand the excuse, the connection between burying the locomotive and rescuing people, so the medias doubted it. And the spokesman replied to the medias with that statement “Don’t you believe it? I believe it.” It sound like a joke, and it literally is for these days. People chat about that, and the spokesman was supposed make a fool of himself.

In today’s China, most people have an unreasonable anger feeling to the government. They feel life is becoming harder and harder. And the policy and legislation are seemed to be unfair to all different social status. So people like to mock the government. And it seemed funny. Obviously, most people don’t believe their government officials in these day, in China, even it’s real. But the original thought of the people is still “that guy is a bad liar”.

Maybe we are the dazed generation who living in a Chinese period with no faith. It’s so horrible, the entire society are full with material stuff. What’s the people believe in? more than half of chinese people believe in nothing but cash, for poor people, money can help them change their hard lives, they can buy food, clothes, they can get the opportunity to be educated…rich people believe money could make them feel good, just like the life they just enjoying now.

      Yup, someone have no money to buy food and clothes, at the same time, someone use 100 yuan bill as a lighter. That’s the situation of China’s poverty gap, wealth is in a few people’s pocket, that’s why there are unprecedented large number of cynics in this ancient country.

It’s not cool, it makes no sense to me, so I choose to take the route away from these kind of people, these kind of life. I believe that as a Chinese guy, I should inherit some good cultures of my nation, I have said that, I love my country’s good culture, although more and more chinese have abandoned them, i dunno why, creepy. Albeit there are so many unprecedented problems in our society. I suppose good tradition should be inherited. I believe that as a Chinese guy, I should learn more from other countries, china is a developing country, albeit china’s economic growth is above 5 percent every year, but the biggest number of population and poverty gap closed to “red line” definitely pose unprecedented problems. Developing country will be developing country, I should learn allot from other countries people, from the whole world.

I got a feeling that the entire world is so amazing, so many things are waiting for me to explore. I don’t have much time to mock the government officials, it makes no sense to me, it’s somebody else’s business. I would rather do some stuff to make my life interesting and follow my wish, not under control by the policy, by the government officials, to blame or mock.

Most Chinese used to suppose that they should be treated well by the government, ya know, “the people republic” but less of them think it over about what should they do for the entire society. Just like an innocent child. And the government never let these people notice their social responsibilities for some reasons. 

Yup, this entire post is slightly boring. Life like that, sometimes boring, sometimes amazing, sometimes be full of daydreams, sometimes must to face the reality. I love my life, and I noticed that life is so short, so why I don’t make the decision by myself, and do the stuff I really passionate about. I hope my next post will be more vibrant, more refreshing, yup, I hope so.


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High speed railway train crashed in zhejiang province China in 23rd of July , tragedy, 35 people die, hundreds of people were injured. The ministry of railway spokesman said that the cause of this accident was lightning strike the electronic power transport system, one high speed train was stopped in the railway instantaneously, after a while, another high speed train came up and clashed the first one. The disaster happened in the night, most tourist was sleeping, the front three carriages fell off the bridge, and the fourth carriage hit the ground perpendicularly, rescuer and the fireman guy arrived in 8 minutes, and then the ambulance, first-aid and other government department officials, you will have to admire the speed of the reaction and Chinese rescue, maybe the only benefit of the one party system, allot people was rescued from the carriages. Really good news.

But let face it, the cause of this accident, what’s the real reason? especially some days before all the Chinese medias reported some stuff like the Chinese high-speed railway time had arrived, ya know because the beijing to shanghai high speed railway was completed. The media made the audience believe that china could make over 350 kilometers per hour high speed railway by themselves. Some expert about the railway said that, the high-speed train could be braked to stop automatic by computer control, if in emergencies or something happened in many kilometers front railway. But the question was why all these automatic control didn’t work? At the last minute, the driver braked the train, but it’s too late, it’s too fast, the speed which some people believe will take our journey shorter, literally make this disaster happen. So, if you were not able to control some dangerous stuff, just down to earth and work hard, make it 2 hundred percent safe, nothing is important than human’s life.


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 “Wino forever”, this a tattoo on Johnny Depp’s right arm, wino? Maybe it fit Colin Farrell, no offence. Yup, i guess Johnny like drinking alcohol, but, Wino, it’s too much for Johnny, maybe it’s better for captain Jack Sparrow. So I doubt the real meaning of this tattoo, as a die-hard fan of Johnny, fortunately, I have got most means of Johnny’s tattoo, “BETTY SUE”, Johnny’s mother, his best friend, the coolest person he has lucky enough to meet with. “Indiahead” the first tattoo he got when Johnny was 17. in honor of his grandpa, the Cherokee heritage.  “lily-rose”, oh~ boy, it’s so sweet, lily rose melody depp, to be exact, Johnny’s little girl, the person who gave him a new life, “Flying bird” , maybe to remember the remarkable outstanding character jack sparrow, I guess so. “3” the number 3, on his left hand, between the thumb and pointer finger, yup, the most interesting one, just a number, his friend did it, maybe just a thought instantaneously, maybe just boring.  😀

the only one perplexed me is “wino forever”. There’s a tale about “wino forever”, a very beautiful tale, maybe you all have known it already. The original meaning of this tattoo is winona, not wino, Johnny and winona had fallen for each other. I heard even before their cooperation in the remarkable movie “edward scissorhands ”. To be honest, I like Winona, the goth girl in “Beetle juice”, very brilliant, elegant, and cute. What a beautiful couple, Johnny put Winona’s name on his right arm, “Winona forever” sweet, but , as you all know, after many years, they broke up for some reasons, so Johnny delete the letters “n a ”, a new tattoo on his right arm, “wino forever”, it’s that mean Johnny would be a wino for winona? his lost love. I dunno whether the tale is real or not, but it sound romantic. A great legend. Now, Johnny have married with Melody for many years, living a happy life with his wife and kids, if the tale is real, getting a tattoo to remember the twenty love, the past good time, it’s a great tribute to the youthful relationship.

Yup, I am a die-hard fan of Johnny, I trained myself to speak English like him as one of my hobbies. and this kind of pronunciation make me sound so tough. Tattoo, I absolutely want to get one or two, but unfortunately , as living in a traditional Chinese family, I have never been allowed to have one, maybe I will get some in many years. i prefer some beautiful stuff, like antique signals, wings of angel, mom’s name……

back to “wino forever”, is the tale true, or not really?


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BOY~SO HOT, i’m not talking about the sexy young ladies above, i’m talking about the uncomfortable weather, during these years, it’s getting more and more hot, it seemed to warn me that the environment will be harder, no more cosy in summer time, you must do something, ok, let’s do the low carbon or move to north.

i made a deal with my mother, i did my hair-cut, extreme short, so, my mother allow me to hang out on every saturday night. it’s really worth it, in fact, i like hair-cut, and i like nightclub. especially in this boring hot summer. yup, one cup of Long Island ICE Tea, more ice cube, awesome. i just can’t wait to have some.

the burning atmosphere literally freak me out, and making more day dreams, it should be better if ice man is here, he can freeze the atmosphere just by a breath. Speaking of X-man, wolverine is awesome. what a shining weapon, easy to take.

hot make people lazy, wanna do nothing but take a shower. to be honest, my hometown had never been so hot before 2009, it used to be a peaceful city, very cool in the summertime, people reside here like boating or swimming in the river at the summer time, they enjoyed the low-speed life, not crowded, not noisy, little traffic accident, rare traffic jam, commuters never worry about to be late. BUT good life changed in the year 2009, during that year, the price of house was sky-rocketing, people need  saving up more money for a new house, the price raise twice maybe more, at the same time, the property developers found their chance to make more money, they start to buy more lands from the farmers who resided in rural areas. the farmers who sold the farmland had nothing to do in rural areas, so they moved into the city to find jobs, they rent rooms, and living with their family numbers, the population of city has grown day by day. the entire city became crowded, noisy, chaos, in mess. and people’s cash became devalued. the government did nothing, all they wanted are stimulate consumption and economic growth at all cost including people’s life. another way to make economic growth in china is cutting cars price, yup, the did it, the cars literally cheap, so every chinese working people could buy his own car, it sound great, right? but a range of problems following behind. you can imagine the biggest population country sell how many cars every day, it’s a disaster, there are not enough roads here, even not enough space for parking, traffic jams happened every day and every where, let’s face it, most chinese are selfish. and as one of the result of their selfishness is Clash. little people could get the destination in time, no one said “Don’t be late” any more, because it’s a mission impossible of china today. so that’s why china could keep high-speed economic growth every year, even during the “household debt crisis”. the government know what stuff is people willing to buy even they don’t have enough cash, but obviously, most of the chinese people still don’t realise who took their money and the happiness. see, i’m not a cynic, i just don’t wanna make a fool of myself.

next time we blame the global warming, to make our atmosphere so hot, maybe we should realise some thing else make us feeling hot inside.

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