This Saturday is lunar calendar 7th of July. The Chinese valentine’s day, so as a Chinese guy, we can celebrate the valentine’s day twice, one in winter, the other one in summer, but I don’t have a date this year, so I have no plan about this weekend but share some Chinese culture to my friends on the other side of the earth. ( they must be sleeping at this moment  🙂  )

Yup, as every holiday or red-letter day, there must be a reason or a tale. The tale of Chinese valentine’s day is a fairy story, I’m sure this not a real story. Because the beginning of the story is “once upon a time” . 😀 so here we go.

ONCE UPON A TIME, the ancient China was dominated by the celestial and the celestial were dominated by their queen, they had strict laws, the queen of celestial had seven beautiful daughters, they are ethereal looking and willowy. Once they got together down on the earth and took a shower in the river, a farmer named Dong was walking past the river and saw them, the girls noticed there is a human and all fly back to heaven, except the youngest one. Because Dong had hidden her outfit, she can’t get out of the river for shy. Dong didn’t hurt her, and on the opposite, Dong was very gentle he gave the outfit back to the peri, and said what he had done just want to make her stay here, in the human world. I suppose Dong must be very handsome and tough, the peri also got a feeling about him, so the peri stayed, they fell in love and got married soon, than they had a baby, maybe two babies. It seems to be a happy ending.

Except one person, ( maybe not a person ), the queen of celestial. The queen is a hardliner and very old school, celestial were not allowed to be married with human-being. So she was furious with anger when she heard of that her youngest daughter had broken the rules. She sent “one hundred thousand celestial soldiers” to arrest peri. ( interesting, in Chinese fairy stories, in every wars or arrests, “one hundred thousand celestial soldiers” were send, even there is no need to send so many soldiers, but they looked like a crew, never be apart, it seems that every mission is a big deal, in my opinion the only big deal mission worth to send so many soldiers was arresting the monkey king, ok, back to the story ) Albeit, we all believe that Dong is not a man who lacking in responsibility to protect his wife, but all the resistance he tried were futile efforts, see, guys, never provoke the mother in law. 😀

The peri was arrested back to heaven, as a punishment, she must keep weaving round the clock. So peri did it, and she missed her husband so much she was crying all the time, she had been weaving the colorful brilliant silk fabric in the heaven and the silk fabric are the rosy clouds we see in the human world.

Year after year, maybe the true love moved the queen, she allowed Dong –the peri’s husband come to the heaven, and even gave him a job, feeding the cow, see, ancient Chinese celestial cowboy.   🙄  Dong and Peri living in the heaven, but the queen allowed them could meet each other only one day in a year, lunar calendar the 7th of July. So they worked hard and waiting for the only day they could live together. So Chinese make the day as valentine’s day, a tribute to their love story.

With human’s naked eye, we can’t see them, we only can see two star in the night sky, one called “cowherd” star牛郎 ( belongs to Aquila) the other named “girl weaver” star 织女 ( belongs to Lyra), in the middle of them, is galaxy, the queen make it with her comb or something, we can see both of the “cowherd” star and “ girl weaver” star in summer, one day, they are the most closest, lunar calendar, the 7th of July. 

Let me show you where they are.

Hope you like this, I have planed to share another famous Chinese love story as well, but that will make this post too long, so I will share it on my next post, the “Butterfly lovers”.  Chinese “Romeo and Juliet”



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  1. Wow! that’s a very interesting story! Our Valentine’s Day is February 14th. 🙂 Oooh Chinese Romeo and Juliet – sounds exciting!


    • yup, we celebrate February 14th as well, and it is more official, more international, and if it’s lucky enough to be snowing that day, it will be more romantic, so we can celebrate two Valentine’s Day.

      • 2 Valentines Days must be nice! I love Valentine’s Day – and always hope for snow! It usually does snow, actually. The snow just makes it more……amazing. It just makes it Valentine’s. 😀 And that’s a lot coming from someone who doesn’t like snow! haha


      • yup, snow is amazing, i love snowing, i was born in icecity of China, so i love winter, even it’s very cold, winter make me tough. and also give me allot fun. and winter got no pollen, it sound so sweet to me. 😛 I was so exciting everytime when it’s snowing, just like a kid. 😀

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