“Don’t you believe it? I believe it.” This statement was said by the spokesman of china railway ministry someday before. And it was spread all over the country. The story was that, some medias doubted the reason why the railway ministry officials ordered to bury the locomotive after the accident, they said that for rescue. It really hard to understand the excuse, the connection between burying the locomotive and rescuing people, so the medias doubted it. And the spokesman replied to the medias with that statement “Don’t you believe it? I believe it.” It sound like a joke, and it literally is for these days. People chat about that, and the spokesman was supposed make a fool of himself.

In today’s China, most people have an unreasonable anger feeling to the government. They feel life is becoming harder and harder. And the policy and legislation are seemed to be unfair to all different social status. So people like to mock the government. And it seemed funny. Obviously, most people don’t believe their government officials in these day, in China, even it’s real. But the original thought of the people is still “that guy is a bad liar”.

Maybe we are the dazed generation who living in a Chinese period with no faith. It’s so horrible, the entire society are full with material stuff. What’s the people believe in? more than half of chinese people believe in nothing but cash, for poor people, money can help them change their hard lives, they can buy food, clothes, they can get the opportunity to be educated…rich people believe money could make them feel good, just like the life they just enjoying now.

      Yup, someone have no money to buy food and clothes, at the same time, someone use 100 yuan bill as a lighter. That’s the situation of China’s poverty gap, wealth is in a few people’s pocket, that’s why there are unprecedented large number of cynics in this ancient country.

It’s not cool, it makes no sense to me, so I choose to take the route away from these kind of people, these kind of life. I believe that as a Chinese guy, I should inherit some good cultures of my nation, I have said that, I love my country’s good culture, although more and more chinese have abandoned them, i dunno why, creepy. Albeit there are so many unprecedented problems in our society. I suppose good tradition should be inherited. I believe that as a Chinese guy, I should learn more from other countries, china is a developing country, albeit china’s economic growth is above 5 percent every year, but the biggest number of population and poverty gap closed to “red line” definitely pose unprecedented problems. Developing country will be developing country, I should learn allot from other countries people, from the whole world.

I got a feeling that the entire world is so amazing, so many things are waiting for me to explore. I don’t have much time to mock the government officials, it makes no sense to me, it’s somebody else’s business. I would rather do some stuff to make my life interesting and follow my wish, not under control by the policy, by the government officials, to blame or mock.

Most Chinese used to suppose that they should be treated well by the government, ya know, “the people republic” but less of them think it over about what should they do for the entire society. Just like an innocent child. And the government never let these people notice their social responsibilities for some reasons. 

Yup, this entire post is slightly boring. Life like that, sometimes boring, sometimes amazing, sometimes be full of daydreams, sometimes must to face the reality. I love my life, and I noticed that life is so short, so why I don’t make the decision by myself, and do the stuff I really passionate about. I hope my next post will be more vibrant, more refreshing, yup, I hope so.



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  1. well, sometimes you just have to post about things that aren’t all that exciting, cool, or fun. I’ve done that several times….I’ve shared my heart on my blog and posted several sad posts about my shoulder problems, and the real pain and suffering I’m going through. Things don’t always have to be sugar-coated – they just need to be real. This was a good post, peng…it really shows how things are, not just how we want them to be. 🙂


    • Hi, Tia, thank you sincerely, it’s so sweet to have a wonderful listener. yup, I just want to share my real thought and feeling just like you did, but I was afraid that maybe it’s too boring, but I don’t suppose like that anymore, currently. Thank you for sharing your own story with me, and your encouragement is a great gift that I am lucky enough to receive.
      I can’t open the wordpress website page since last night, I dunno the reason why, just hope it would be worked as soon as possible. and it seems worked, currently.

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