“Wino forever”, this a tattoo on Johnny Depp’s right arm, wino? Maybe it fit Colin Farrell, no offence. Yup, i guess Johnny like drinking alcohol, but, Wino, it’s too much for Johnny, maybe it’s better for captain Jack Sparrow. So I doubt the real meaning of this tattoo, as a die-hard fan of Johnny, fortunately, I have got most means of Johnny’s tattoo, “BETTY SUE”, Johnny’s mother, his best friend, the coolest person he has lucky enough to meet with. “Indiahead” the first tattoo he got when Johnny was 17. in honor of his grandpa, the Cherokee heritage.  “lily-rose”, oh~ boy, it’s so sweet, lily rose melody depp, to be exact, Johnny’s little girl, the person who gave him a new life, “Flying bird” , maybe to remember the remarkable outstanding character jack sparrow, I guess so. “3” the number 3, on his left hand, between the thumb and pointer finger, yup, the most interesting one, just a number, his friend did it, maybe just a thought instantaneously, maybe just boring.  😀

the only one perplexed me is “wino forever”. There’s a tale about “wino forever”, a very beautiful tale, maybe you all have known it already. The original meaning of this tattoo is winona, not wino, Johnny and winona had fallen for each other. I heard even before their cooperation in the remarkable movie “edward scissorhands ”. To be honest, I like Winona, the goth girl in “Beetle juice”, very brilliant, elegant, and cute. What a beautiful couple, Johnny put Winona’s name on his right arm, “Winona forever” sweet, but , as you all know, after many years, they broke up for some reasons, so Johnny delete the letters “n a ”, a new tattoo on his right arm, “wino forever”, it’s that mean Johnny would be a wino for winona? his lost love. I dunno whether the tale is real or not, but it sound romantic. A great legend. Now, Johnny have married with Melody for many years, living a happy life with his wife and kids, if the tale is real, getting a tattoo to remember the twenty love, the past good time, it’s a great tribute to the youthful relationship.

Yup, I am a die-hard fan of Johnny, I trained myself to speak English like him as one of my hobbies. and this kind of pronunciation make me sound so tough. Tattoo, I absolutely want to get one or two, but unfortunately , as living in a traditional Chinese family, I have never been allowed to have one, maybe I will get some in many years. i prefer some beautiful stuff, like antique signals, wings of angel, mom’s name……

back to “wino forever”, is the tale true, or not really?



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  1. great post, i heard it was true too

  2. I love Johnny Depp sooo much! It’s so cool you devoted an entire blog post to him!!! sorry I didn’t comment earlier – I was out of town. 😉 Johnny Depp’s tatoos are amazing and touching. 😀 Especially “Betty Sue” – he just loves his mom, and I think it’s the coolest thing. nice post peng


    • thank you Tia, ya know, i am a bit missing you these days 😛 i know i know you are the biggest fan of Johnny, so i bet you would like this post, yup, “Betty Sue” is so sweet, in chinese culture, the unconditional love that the adult repay their parents are considered as the first virtue and the most important. that is another reason why i love Johnny so much.

      • Aww well it’s good to know I’m missed! 🙂 haha well Idk abt the biggest fan – but definitely in that category…I even have his b-day marked on my calandar. 😀 I know, I’m crazy.
        wow, I think china upholds family repect and virtues way more than here in the US. it’s so refreshing to here that! yes – most definitely a reason to keep Johnny as number 10 on our top 10 list of favorites. 😉
        thanks peng!


      • Wow, Tia, you are amazing me, to be honest, i dunno Johnny’s birthday, but you make a mark on your calandar. yup, you’re crazy but so sweet. 😀

      • you are welcome, ;)

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