BOY~SO HOT, i’m not talking about the sexy young ladies above, i’m talking about the uncomfortable weather, during these years, it’s getting more and more hot, it seemed to warn me that the environment will be harder, no more cosy in summer time, you must do something, ok, let’s do the low carbon or move to north.

i made a deal with my mother, i did my hair-cut, extreme short, so, my mother allow me to hang out on every saturday night. it’s really worth it, in fact, i like hair-cut, and i like nightclub. especially in this boring hot summer. yup, one cup of Long Island ICE Tea, more ice cube, awesome. i just can’t wait to have some.

the burning atmosphere literally freak me out, and making more day dreams, it should be better if ice man is here, he can freeze the atmosphere just by a breath. Speaking of X-man, wolverine is awesome. what a shining weapon, easy to take.

hot make people lazy, wanna do nothing but take a shower. to be honest, my hometown had never been so hot before 2009, it used to be a peaceful city, very cool in the summertime, people reside here like boating or swimming in the river at the summer time, they enjoyed the low-speed life, not crowded, not noisy, little traffic accident, rare traffic jam, commuters never worry about to be late. BUT good life changed in the year 2009, during that year, the price of house was sky-rocketing, people need  saving up more money for a new house, the price raise twice maybe more, at the same time, the property developers found their chance to make more money, they start to buy more lands from the farmers who resided in rural areas. the farmers who sold the farmland had nothing to do in rural areas, so they moved into the city to find jobs, they rent rooms, and living with their family numbers, the population of city has grown day by day. the entire city became crowded, noisy, chaos, in mess. and people’s cash became devalued. the government did nothing, all they wanted are stimulate consumption and economic growth at all cost including people’s life. another way to make economic growth in china is cutting cars price, yup, the did it, the cars literally cheap, so every chinese working people could buy his own car, it sound great, right? but a range of problems following behind. you can imagine the biggest population country sell how many cars every day, it’s a disaster, there are not enough roads here, even not enough space for parking, traffic jams happened every day and every where, let’s face it, most chinese are selfish. and as one of the result of their selfishness is Clash. little people could get the destination in time, no one said “Don’t be late” any more, because it’s a mission impossible of china today. so that’s why china could keep high-speed economic growth every year, even during the “household debt crisis”. the government know what stuff is people willing to buy even they don’t have enough cash, but obviously, most of the chinese people still don’t realise who took their money and the happiness. see, i’m not a cynic, i just don’t wanna make a fool of myself.

next time we blame the global warming, to make our atmosphere so hot, maybe we should realise some thing else make us feeling hot inside.


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