No.1 What is your favourite scary movie?

for me, many of them, i think my favourite scary movie is “urban legend”, scary, not gross.

No.2 What is your favourite comic hero?

spider-man, undoubtedly, but why not bat-man? the first reason, peter parker was living in New York, and i love New York City. But bat-man was living in a city named gotham, i have no idea where it is. the second reason, bruce wayen ‘s pocket is super deep, obviously. never care about money, but parker is just an office employee, take pictures for the newspaper, he need to make money for life and be a super hero to help other people, plain hero, i like. the third reason, spider-man always swing in the city, awesome. but bat-man was driving all the time. his tank must be very hot inside.

No.3 What is your favourite pastry?

shrimp dumpling, shrimp dumpling is one kind of Cantonese tea, i love Cantonese tea, although, i’m not Cantonese, i can’t speak Cantonese, but i love Cantonese food. shrimp dumpling is a dumpling be full with shrimp (it seems needless to be explain)
No.4 What is your favourite diet? (i know Tia’s answer  :D)
chinese food , i am up to make a list of my favourite chinese food and show them in my next post.
No.5 What is your favourite alcohol drink?
bacardi,  jack daniel.
No.6 What is your favourite cocktail?
long island ice tea, B52
No.7 What is your favourite non-alcohol drink?
tomato juice
No.8 What is your favourite occupation if you can choose?
animal breeder in zoo,  any occupation with the animal
No.9 What is your favourite sports?
ice hockey
No.10 What is your favourite place to live if you got a choice?
Gulangyu Islet, is a beautiful islet in Xiamen, China, i have been there before. crossing the sea, it’s Taiwan.
No.11 What is your favourite toy when you were a kid?
boy~so many, G.I.Joe is my favourite, we can buy G.I.Joe in china.
No.12 What is your favourite color? and why
blue, i have no idea the reason why, maybe it’s the color of sky.
No.13 What is your favourite in Mcdonald’s?
Big Mac. 😀  i like the pickles inside.
No.14 What is your favourite month? and why
October, slightly cold,  so a hot cup of tea make the world so warm, i like the feeling, the simple plain happiness. and people in this month is not too busy, in china, we could get a whole week holiday to celebrate the national day.
No.15 What is your favourite foreign language?
Deutsch 😛
No.16 What is your favourite type of boy?
having a wide range of knowledge, politeness, brave, tough
No.17 What is your favourite type of girl?
politeness, optimistic, communicative
No.18 What is your favourite fruit?
apple, i eat it everyday, and tomato, if it count
No.19 What is your favourite role in KongFu panda?
No.20 What is your favourite role in Transformers?
 starscream, i know, i know, he is the bad guy, very very bad, but, the F22,super awesome.
so, here are my answers, what about yours? i know, katy, tia, you don’t need to answer the No.5 and No.6.
girls, waiting for your comment……  😀  


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  1. I’m glad you already excused me for #5 & 6, because I was just gonna say “don’t drink” haha. alright, let’s see about these answers….
    (1) Hmmm…I have to say Jimanji scared me sooo bad. But then again, I was a little kid – so I have no idea, actually. I try to avoid scary movies. 😀
    (2)Batman…totally and completely. I *love* batman
    (3)apple fritters. 😀 Heavenly.
    (4) Yes, you guessed correctly! Italiano!!!! 😀
    (7) Dr. Pepper
    (8)a visual effects artist. but I’ll probably be a journalist just because I’m not smart enough to be in visual effects.
    (9)archery, snowboarding
    (10) Italy!!!
    (11) probably a doll house
    (12)pink!! and black. those two colors together create total awesome-ness. love them! IDK why….they’re just cool.
    (13) Caramel Frappe
    (14) June! Summer’s just beginning, winds are calming down (or should be!) and its just beautiful
    (15) Italiano!
    (16) funny, Italian (haha), courteous, possesing a slight dark side, open to new ideas…etc.
    (17) Nice, opptimistic, interested in other people’s needs, funny, more to her than meets the eye….
    (18)bananas and peaches
    (19) Oh IDK, I haven’t watched that movie for a long time! hmmm….ok I’m gonna have to watch the movie again to know. sorry
    (20)I’ve never seen Transformers!!! But, I’ll answer for a different movie – Lord of the Rings. My favorite character in that movie is Aragorn!!! he’s *amazing*. haha

    There you go! Wow that was a long list. 😉


    • thank you Tia, for your long list. I could know you better. 😀
      (1) Jimanji is a bit scary as a movie for kids, undoubtedly.
      (2) i like the Joker.”WhY sO Serious?” 😛
      (7) i have never drunk Dr. Pepper before, it’s a kind of cola? right?
      (8)both of the visual effects artist and journalist are cool, nice choice.
      (9) archery, wow i suppose it’s very cool, but it is not a common sport here.
      (12)pink and black together remind me of the ice cream, strawberry and chocolate.
      (13) Caramel Frappe is nice. 😀
      (14) June is a really amazing month to you.
      (16) boy~Italian are so lucky~
      (20)haha~~my bad, maybe Transformers is more fit boys. i love Lord of the Rings TOO, okey, let me answer your question now, my favourite character is Faramir. i know millions of people like Legolas. so do i, but i like Faramir more. boy, Lord of the Rings is super awesome.

      • haha, I was going to write the Joker (he’s better than Batman!), but it said “hero” not “villain”. 😀 The Joker is the coolest villain – EVER.
        Dr. Pepper I guess could be called a kind of cola, but it is SO different than Coka Cola. I don’t like Coke at all, but DP is amazing. Ok, you’ve never had DP? You need to go to your nearest grocery store and get some. 😉
        Yeah I’d actually love to be in the film business – not like an actor or anything but like a visual effects artist, makeup artist, sound coordinator – something. Maybe I’ll end up with Disney someday. haha
        Archery is soooo much fun! I have a hard time with it because of my shoulder injury, but I LOVE it. Hopefully I’ll get my own bow and arrow set this summer. 😀 I need to come to China and make it a popular sport! 😛
        Pink and black – strawberry and vanilla?? You know, I where glasses, and they are pink and black – so awesome. At least strawberry and vanilla ice cream is yummy! (You tried butter on your ice cream yet..? haha)
        Italian would just be my preferable choice – it doesn’t mean that’s my only type. 😀 I like every race and culture. But Italy is quite amazing… But you see, Johnny Depp isn’t Italian and I LOVE him. 😉
        I know a lot of girls who like Transformers, I just haven’t watched the movies. I’ve heard they’re really cool. 😀 Faramir is awesome! I kind of feel sorry for him…but he’s cool. Yes, I like Legolas because he’s an elf and elves are awesome (not because he’s Orlando Bloom, haha). Seriously, I’d be an elf if I could. 😛 the Lord of the Rings are fantabulous. Like that word? I made it up. 🙂
        Well, that was another really long comment. Sorry! I hope you had fun reading it anyway, Peng.


    • yep, tia, that was a longer comment. and you crack me up again and again, funny girl. haha~you love the JOKER too? the coolest villain ever. and i like your glasses, you mean one pink lens and one black lens? awesome. wait a minute, black lens is not good for your eye if it’s not too harsh. maybe i made a misunderstanding. 😛
      yep, i will find the DP and try it, it must be nice. to be honest, i have never tried the butter on ice cream by now, i was going to try, but every time it made me feel uncomfortable slightly, so i gave it up again and again. 😀 if one day i try it, i will tell you immidately.
      Tia, i got a feeling, you will write allot amazing stories, you know, like Lord of the rings, i really hope, one day, after seeing a great movie, i could find your name. waiting for your books or movies. elf tia 😛

      • Yes, I actually have the phrase, “why so serious” as my banner on my phone. 😀 I lOVE the Joker.
        Hmm, no not one pink lens and one black, I meants like the frames are black on the outside, pink on the inside and has a pink stripe on the side. 😀
        Yeah…I would think butter on ice cream would be just slightly weird. 😉
        Oh I don’t know about writing stories like the Lord of the Rings (Tolkien was an absolute genius…..I don’t think anyone can ever match him again), but hopefully they’ll be good. I’ll be sure to let you know when I publish my book!
        Yes,I am truly an elf at heart. 😉


      • haha~~yup, the color of frames, not the lens, i got it.my bad 😀

  2. 1. umm, ‘the village’ is my all time favorite scary movie. gosh, that movie is intense. 🙂
    2. BATMAN. i like him because he tries to help out of his generous ginormous pocketbook and he doesn’t have any superpowers. he’s just… him. 🙂 HEE, i love batman. 😀
    3. hmmm, i think i like the pumpkin pie spice scone from starbucks. 😀
    4. oh gosh. umm, the non-gluten free kind? 😉
    7. milkshake! 😀
    8. a full time actress, movie director, and screenplay writer. :}
    9. basketball! i love watching it, but i hate playing it. 😛 my fave sport to play is volleyball. 🙂
    10. hmmm… somewhere on the east coast of the u.s. where there is a beach and a quiet little town. aaaand a city somewhere near by. 😀
    11. my barbies! 😀
    12. blue. just because it’s so pretty. 🙂
    13. a frappe! yummm! 🙂
    14. hmmm, probably december up to new years because that’s when we celebrate Christmas which is my favorite holiday. it seems that for all of december we just celebrate the holdiay. 🙂
    15. french. ooh-la-la! 😀
    16. reliable, aware, brave and not stupid, genuine, talkative, doesn’t flirt, cute, preferably tall…. 😀
    17. optimistic, comforting, sensitive, genuine, reliable, and provides a good number of hugs. :}
    18. strawberries. 🙂
    19. the panda! 😀
    20. sam. for probably obvious reasons. 😀

    • well, it seems that batman is more popular 😀 Christian Bale is amazing.
      8.a full time actress, movie director, welcome to HOLLYWOOD, katy.
      9.basketball is the most popular sport in china, because of the NBA,here are millions of big fans, the fans of Kobe, the fans of Wade…… my hero is Allen Iverson.
      10.the east coast of the U.S. nice.
      11.i think barbie girl is more famous than Transformers and G.I.Joe. the barbie girl can be make up, be changed beautiful outfit, maybe can have a amazing house, but transformers and G.I.Joe, only be fight to each other. yup, boy’s stuff.
      12.blue, beautiful color.
      14.december is really be full with holiday, we also celebrate Christmas. and it’s not too long before spring festival. so december and january next year are cosy monthes to chinese people.
      15. bonjour~~ 😛
      16. wow, your type is great. i think reliable and genuine is definitely important.
      19. haha~i guess so~ 😀
      20.sam. just a human, not an awesome powerful robert? heehee~
      so, thank you katy, for your list comment. i know you will start trip in tomorrow morning, have a good sleep and enjoy your trip! see you in the future.
      bon voyage

  3. 5) whiskey coke at the moment or vodka pineapple
    6) caipirinha and mojito
    7) I’m joining your tomato juice love! 🙂
    8) reporter
    10) a remote island in a tropical zone
    11) Lego!
    12) Red! the color of passion ( I guess)
    14) August! Officially the last month of summer and where the most is going on: A lot of birthday celebrations in my family and usually no school plus time for vacation
    15) I wanna know ESPANOL!
    16) polite, manly, not an asshole, with enough brains to have a conversation, maybe good-looking, but most importantly he has to have CHARISMA!!!
    17) a girl I can share everything with! or charismatic but knows when not to be nice, can stand up for herself, interested in travels and other cultures, knows that good looks will not substitute for brains and personality, no bitch!

    • haha~ 😀 I think Gin tonic is also awesome.
      mojito is good, i love rum, the pirate’s drink.
      haha~~i like tomato juice, maybe it’s slightly weird for chinese people, but i like it, healthy and yummy.
      a remote island in a tropical zone, cool~( maybe it’s “hot” 😛 )
      haha~~LEGO is awesome, i got some when i was a kid, it make different objects.
      yup, red is definitely a color of passion, ya know, chinese like red most, in our culture, red means happiness life and every good stuff, maybe more, in spring festival (chinese new year)everywhere is covered in red. and the national flag is red too, i prefer it means antique chinese culture to communist.
      well, having charisma is important, i have to agree with you.
      i have to agree with you AGAIN, some girls around think good-looking means everything for a girl, but an ignorant good-looking girl with no brain is really killing me.
      thank you for your commenting, nice to meet you~ 😀

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