i have never used the “New QuickPress Post” ability, so i’m interested in it and see what will happen. i think it could make your new post be published more quickly, if it’s not too long and i notice that i can’t update any pictures. maybe that’s the reason why it be named “QuickPress” 😀 just kidding.
actually, i got a goodnews to announce, i will have a journey to the seaside with my colleagues, and my boss treat us, sound great~ 😀 OK, i must stop, you know, fewer words, more QUICK



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6 responses to “MY FIRST TIME USING “New QuickPress Post” ABILITY

  1. it seems no difference, i got it~

  2. BWAHAHAHA! yep, that was definitely a *quick* post! 😀 have fun going on your seaside tirme! 😀

    • yep, “quick”, but not as funny as i thought, slightly boring. 😛
      thank you, katy, i’ll have fun, but i think it must be very hot there, however, i will don’t need to work for 3 days. 😀

  3. haha I think it’s basically just a shortcut to posting something when you don’t have a lot of time to be on. I tried saving a draft on it once, but it didn’t save it. 😦 Seems like it worked for you! 🙂 Nice “quick” post peng!


    • heehee~~thank you, Tia.
      i prefer my “SLOW Press” post, take it easy, enjoy the posting, right? 😀
      i always forget to “save” , not only the post, but also some business stuff, it’s literally a bad habit, bad behavior. so i had to do the same stuff double time very often. 😛

  4. oh and BTW, have fun on your trip! 😀 😀


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