Hi, katy:

Good morning.

How is going these days, I think you will start your big road trip very soon , you must be very busy with some preparations. And a little upset as you wrote down in your post. Be care, don’t forget anything. 😛

Wow, to be honest, I’m a little admiring, a little jealous, I have never moved to other cities, I was born here, went to college here, and work here, maybe have traveled some other places, but never living than a year. So the big road trip, it’s so exciting, right? To live in a new place and start your college life, you will make some new friends and feel the wonderful college life, maybe a little unaccustomed at the beginning, but things will be better. Really don’t need to be too nerve-wracking, you got so many good friends in Colorado, so you also could in your new environment. People will like you.

Saying Goodbye is really a hard thing, but “goodbye” also means see you some other day, being apart for a while, maybe a long time. It’s needless to be upset saying goodbye, something living in your heart, if you believe so , you could take the Colorado with you wherever you go, cherish yesterday, enjoy today, expect tomorrow. Life always be amazing, whatever you do, wherever you are.

You know, I got a feeling that I should hold a party before you start your trip. Because in my country, people used to have dinner together before a friend or a family member will start a journey alone. And allot of blessing, advise and urge would be told at the dinner, such as “take care of yourself, call me if you are not busy……” we can’t have dinner together, obviously, so maybe I could write a letter to you before you go, and give you my best wishes and my blah blah blah 😀

So take care of yourself, do more sleep, and enjoy more amazing cheesecakes.


Yours peng



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6 responses to “A LETTER TO KATY

  1. a letter to me! oh goodness, this made me so happy! 😀 yesterday was kind of hard – it was the end of daddy’s retirement ceremony and party and i had to say some last goodbyes to people. 😦 so it was really nice to read this this morning and smile. 🙂

    heehee, and good evening or afternoon to you. 😀 we’ve been organizing things a lot and getting ready for the movers to come. so, i’ve already started packing stuff for the road trip.

    ooooh, i’m so envious of you! i’ve always wanted a place to call ‘home’. but i’ve always enjoyed the places i’ve been. i’ll have a lot of stories to tell people when i get old. 😉 thank you for the encouragement! i know that i’ll make some friends and that i’ll keep my old friends, but there’s always that nagging thought at the back of my mind. thank you for reminding me though. 🙂

    aww! a nice delicious dinner and some friendly advice from across the dinner table would be wonderful! i really wish we could do that.

    thank you for the letter! it is really encouraging and it made me feel so much happier. 😀 i’ll try to get more sleep. 😉

    blessings to you too! 😀

    • take it easy, katy, i’m so glad that the post could make you feel better.
      haha~~i bet you will have a lot of stories and a lot of experience, isn’t it amazing? in my opinion, home means living with family members.
      ok, it gratified me to hear of your promise that trying to get more sleep, nice. 😀

      • that’s true. in that case, i’ll be visiting home every weekend. 🙂

        haha, woops. well, it is exactly twelve o’clock in the morning here, and i’m tired. 😛 don’t worry, i’m keeping my promise. the past few nights i’ve been going to bed at two or three. i’m trying to ease into it as i try to adjust to a new sleeping schedule. 😀 so yes, i’m off to bed. 😉

      • so, sweet dream~ 😀

  2. that was really sweet of you chenpeng – to devote an entire blog post to cheering your friend up. 🙂 So nice.


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