Last night, when I went home, my mother told me there was something unreal in the balcony, I should to check by myself. Wow~~ surprise, I found a tiny rabbit in the open box, the little guy is so cute, it’s really tiny, it’s just as big as one of my hands. Father told me the little guy is a kind of pet rabbit, never grow bigger, father was working by the river, and some people desert the little guy, so father took it home, and built a little house, unless it would be killed by the wild cats.

My parents feed the little guy with pieces of cabbage and watermelon, we just finished our carrot. Little guy looks had good appetite, eat so much, and after the meal, he seemed be a little reluctant to be in his new little house, he tried to jumped out of the open box, and he did it successfully many times, great prison breaks. But finally we put him back, because he is so tiny, and running around in the room is not safe, especially in the night, we don’t want to hurt him by accident. I tried to take some pictures of him, but it seemed impossible, he keep moving and jumping, never stop for a moment, so i gave it up.

It’s a good feeling to have a pet. When I was a kid, I had a hound as my pet. She is very clever and never bark. She like running, just running, and looks very happy. So, what kinds of pets have ever had? dogs, cats, gerbils? i bet you have some pets.



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11 responses to “WHAT PETS HAVE YOU EVER HAD?

  1. Oh that rabbit sounds so cute!! I bet he’ll have a wonderful life with you guys. What kind of pets do I have? haha, well at the moment, I have four dogs and one rabbit. 😛 I love them all sooo much! 😀


    • FOUR DOGS?! WOW, it’s super awesome, i love dogs, you know, when you back home, they were running to you, and begging you to play with them, so sweet, not only for empty stomaches. the trust, the unconditional love.

      • yeppers, 4 dogs. 😀 A maltoodle (my baby), a chihuahua, a maltese, and a lab/german shepherd mix. Dogs are the best pets ever. I have to say, I’m not much of a cat person at all. They have like no loyalty, and such an attitude….yeah dogs are way more my type. 😉


      • haha~~i have to agree with you, tia, a friend of mine have a cat, and she always be hurt by her pet, bad cat. 😀 around the apartment where i live, there are many wildcats, they looks like spys, some of them like ninja, in the night. fortunitely we got a guide, haha~a big Chow Chow, the security guide’s pet, but the Chow Chow is too fat to catch the wildcats, most of his time is sleeping, so, once in a while, i was walking home, suddenly, a wildcat zapping by, what happened? about 10 second later, Chow Chow catched up with out of buff. 😀 maybe fat Chow Chow is not a expert on cat-catching, but we really love his fat cute face.
        so you got four loyal friends, lucky girl.

      • oh wow Chow chow sounds so cute! haha too lazy to catch the wildcats, eh? that sounds like my chihuahua – he’s a 10 lb. chihuahua!! normally they’re like 4-6 lbs, so he is FAT. and lazy. but sooooo cute. 😛 I’m glad you have Chow Chow around to help out. 😀


      • 😀 yep fat Chow Chow have given us allot of fun, all the people living here like him, but he seems never make it a big deal, he is so cool, so calm when people being around him and take pictures of him. wow, your chihuahua is a big guy undoubtedly, maybe you love him too much, feed him too much. 😀

      • hahaha well my chihuahua wasn’t always fat, lol. I remember a time when he was skinny, but then we got the maltese as a puppy so he ate fatty puppy food and never lost the weight….then we got the lab/shepherd mix and once again ate the fatty puppy food – and yeah, let’s just say I think he’s fat for life. haha we walk him and stuff, but he’s just fat. 😀 I think I do love him just a tad too much though…. 😉 I can’t take the dog food dish away from him, poor thing. 😉


  2. Aww, a tiny little bunny sounds like such a cute pet! My husband and I have a dog that we pretty much adore. We’re pretty head over heels for him. 😉

    By the way, I’ve never been to Harbin, but my dad has! My family used to live in Wuhan (my parents taught English in a college there) and my dad went up to visit a friend in Harbin. He said it’s the coldest place he’s ever been. Totally random. 🙂

    • thank you, Rach, for your commenting, having a dog makes the life amazing, animals give us so much fun. and i bet you and your husband really love your dog so much, unconditional love 😀
      so your family have been in China before, i think Wuhan is very hot in summer time.
      Your dad have visited haerbin before, wow, i hope he had a good time, and enjoyed the haerbin beer, sausage, and bread soda. 😀
      thank you again for visiting my blog.

  3. awww! how cute! hopefully he can sit still long enough so you can get a good picture of him. 😉 have you give the rabbit a name yet? have fun with him! 😀

    i’m really sad to say that i’ve never had a pet before we moved to colorado. 😥 i’ve always wanted a dog, but because we move a lot, we didn’t want to leave the dog if we ever got one. 😦 we’ve had fish before, but i’m pretty sure that that doesn’t count. 😀 we now have our first pet of two years since we moved here – a little lovebird (believe it or not, that’s what kind of bird he is!) named pippin! he is such a sweet little bird and i love him lots. 🙂 he and i have this little thing so whenever i’m in the room or in a near area, he’ll whistle a certain whistle and i’ll whistle it back. he’s super cute. 😀

    • Wow, Mr. pippin is so smart, i bet he has given you allot fun. having a pet bird is different from having other common pets, because of the whistle, sometimes like singing a song, do you still remember Princess Fiona singing with the bird in “SHREK 1”, wait a minute, that is a bad metaphor, the bird is so poor, forget it. 😛
      i think we can call fishes pets. because we also feed them and take care of them, and they made our life interesting, but we can’t play with them, just like dogs or cats.
      i have not given the rabbit a name yet, that’s a good idea, i should give one.
      you are right, katy, once you got a pet, it will break your heart when you leaves him, it’s really a bad feeling, you prefer that you have never been living with him before. so i’m agree with you.

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