Katy and Tia, first of all, receive my best wishes please, for the Independence Day, the 4th of July. There must be huge celebrations and parties every where in the United States. So, have a good time.

You know, different countries make different impressions to me (it’s only my personal view, no offence ), Germany, strict, rigorous; England, fashion and punk, Russia, Vodka, born to dance, tough, Japan, a good country to visit, China, antique, in step with the world, but a little impetuous, the United States, brave, freedom.

I have seen a movie named “the patriot”, the story is about the American people fighting for the freedom and the independence in American Revolutionary War. It’s hard for me to image how American people be oppressed by The British government before I watched the movie, as we all know, today the Unite States is the most powerful country in the world, but 235 years before, people in this country must abandoned their lives, their families, to join the army, fighting for the rights and justice. In the British government’s opinion, most soldiers in American force are farmers, not real soldiers, but they forgot that the “farmers” in this country had moved through the Atlantic ocean from Europe, they desired new life, new opportunities. They desired success by making great efforts. They had dreams, And this new land made their dreams would be come true sooner or later. So they fought for their new country, for their dreams, for their children, and children’s children living in freedom. So they were victory finally, and a new country was established in the new land, and this country have changed the world until today. Great country because of the great people.

How many kinds of people are there in the world, the answers are various by different standards, male and female by sex, underage and adult by age, by religion, by race, by nationality…… in my opinion, two kinds of people in the world, the politician and the people, all of the world’s politician are similar, the president of the United States and the chairman of China got no different in nature ( no offence ), you know, the political affairs, capitalism and communism, who cares. I believe that most people in the world love peace, love life. so that’s why every time when my mother and I heard the bad news about the U.S. soldiers fall in battle in Afghanistan and Iraq, we felt sorry for them, and we pray for their families, I know the freedom need to defend. I just wanna there is no war in the world, every one can enjoy life with their families including the soldiers in the frontline. So in the special day, I wanna pray for theU.S.soldier who are currently on active service in danger for American people’s happy lives.   

In my opinion, the United States and China have allot similarities, the area of the country size, the seasons, the biggest developed country and the biggest developing country. And during the world war II, thousands of the United States pilots coming to China, and helped Chinese fighting against the Japanese, transporting the materials into china by transporting plane, – The Hump –the life line in the sky. Most of them were volunteers, and the chinese called them “flying tigers”, most of them martyred death in China, passed away forever, and they were so young, now, in china, a museum in Sichuan province, commemorated the history of the brave United States Air force fight with Chinese people through thick and thin, their names and pictures were on a huge wall. Chinese people will remember them, the heroes forever. Thank you, the United States, for all the help you have given to China.

It’s a little solemn, today is a day to celebrate, the Stars and the Stripes, float paraded, firework, flowers, parties, I’m sure it will be allot other amazing things to do, so, enjoy yourselves.

Yep, I like the United States, I have some friends from the United States, they are living in shanghai, and from New York. They are easy to take along with, and very kind-hearted, so as a friend of American people, Permit me to give my best wishes please, may I?  happy the 235th birthday to the United States of America.



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  1. oh wow! you are *so* good with your history! and yes, i’m so excited to celebrate… lots of fireworks will be going off on independence day evening! 😀 it is a very happy, but solemn day. many people forget what independence day means and they just celebrate their country (nothing wrong with that, but they forget something else too) and they forget about the price that many soldiers paid in order for us to have the country we have today. our soldiers help preserve peace, but many civilians don’t realize that.

    haha, no offense taken when you say that our presidents are similar. 😉

    it really touches me to know that we have friends on the other side of the world practically who pray for us and our soldiers when they know something bad was going on! (like during iraq) thank you so much! 😀 you know, my daddy went to iraq twice during the war.

    isn’t it amazing how so many nations carry their own, totally unique and different stories and histories? 🙂 thank you for your wish of happy birthday to the united states! 😀

    • Take it easy, katy, you know, we are living in the same world, and i believe it’s a beautiful world, we really should love the world, love the people, love our lives, love every beautiful things. that the reason why we are human being, be good, do right. we speak different languages, we live in different cultures, but we got the same good things in our hearts, maybe we couldn’t take hand in hand across the ocean, but we can feel each other’s pain, we can feel each other’s happiness, maybe that means friendship, a mazing thing in the world. ( i’m feeling myself like a song writer 😀 )
      Wow, you daddy went to iraq twice during the war. so you are the daughter of a brave soldier, i think your daddy must be the hero in your heart, not only the hero of family, but also the hero of the nation.
      yep, you are right, the history should be remembered. the happy life we are enjoying now is not as easy as it seems to be, so it’s no excuse for us to leave uncultivated the lives, i think it’s another meaning of a memorial day, and i think the celebrations are important as well. i love fireworks, have a good time, american girl~ 😀

      • haha, it looked like you just wrote a john lennon song or a michael franti song. 😀 but yeah, they were all good points. 🙂

        yep, my daddy’s definitely my hero. i love him and respect him so much for what he does. 🙂

        indubitably, history is very important. hmm, i should do some history research on some chinese holidays now…. 😉

    • yeah, i like john lennon’s song, heehee, chinese history is a little complex, but i think it must be fun to learn about for an American people if she is not busy, definitely a different culture. 😀
      so how was the fireworks tonight? it must be awesome.

  2. Wow, you know a lot of US history. That’s really nice to know! There are lots of Americans here in the US who don’t know as much of our history as you’ve just written here. Good job! Thanks, I LOVE the 4th of July. It’s so patriotic and fun. It’s also a good time to remember what all our country did go through to reach where we are today, and how many lives were lost in that attempt. The Patriot is a good movie – a little dramatic and gory – but good, and gives a great representative of what happened.


    • yep, i’m interested in history, when i was in highschool, i wanna be a history teacher someday, but finally i changed my mind for some reasons, history let me know allot of awesome true stories. the fireworks tonight must be huge and beautiful, have a awesome night, Tia.

      • Actually where I live is so dry right now, and we couldn’t have fireworks. 😥 I miss them so much!! We haven’t had fireworks in my town for so many years, I can’t remember when we last had them. It’s always so dry and the fireworks could start another forest fire very easily. 😦 I wish I was with Katy in Colorado watching the fire works 😛 hehe I LOVE fireworks…so patriotic. 😀


      • i’m so sorry to hear that, tia, what a pity, but i think safe is the most important thing, right? and the forest fire is really a disaster.

      • oh wow, tia, i’m sorry. 😦 but here in colorado, we watched the only legal firework show in all of colorado springs… it’s quite dry out here too. 😛 i’m sorry about the lack of fireworks though. i hope you still had a fun fourth. 🙂

      • you konw, in china, during the spring festival, we are allowed to let off the fireworks for about a month, it’s beautiful but too much, the fireworks and firecrackers every where, even in the midnight for somedays, it’s hard to sleep well, 😦 and got allot fires, so the fireman must be standing by and be very busy, sometimes like a riot, chaos. so spring festival is really a headache to me. next spring festival i will post some pics, it’s a long time.

      • Yeah I still had a fun 4th, but you know, it’s never the same without fireworks. I think it’s really dry here in the US now, Katy can you believe how many forest fires we’ve had lately? Ugh, it makes me so sad. Like the Wallow fire. 😥 I’m glad you were able to watch some fireworks!! 😀


  3. My dad was also in the Marine Corps several years ago and fought for our country….so the 4th of July is a great time for me to remember what my dad has done and thank him for it. 😉


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