i have to make a list, yep, make a list as my behavioral norms so that i could live in high standard and quality of life.

No.1 sleep is important, a high quality sleep will make the next whole day filled with energy, and it’s also good for health, it’s said that staying up late will make people getting old easier.  so i force myself to go to bed before 10:00pm from sunday to thursday, and friday night and saturday night are exceptional cases.

No.2 keep fit, i was really fat four or five years before, the feeling was bad, in those days i felt tired frequently, and it seemed that no good suit fit me,  oh boy, i remember what brad pitt say in “friends”-now, i’m rich and thin. 😀 just kidding. i am not too fat and not too thin currently, so this feeling is great, i mean, every morning when i wake up,  go to bathroom and see the guy in the mirror, hmm~not bad. the dumbbells really works. so i force myself to do the dumbbells everyday and do more in weekends. i love the feeling of tough so much. 😀

No.3 not sitting too long in the office, as we all know, sitting too long is very bad for health, business stuff is hectic everyday (and some day night), overtime is also a big headache, so we got a bad habit in office, sitting too long in front of the computer day after day, all we got it a sore neck and sore back. it has happened to some people around me, i don’t wanna be the next guy, i think that is too weak, not my type. so i force myself to walk around in the office every half an hour, a little weird, yep i’m saving up health.

No.4 having supper at home with my parents as much as possible, i think it’s very different from the United States, chinese children live with their parents before they get married, even they are adults. it’s a tradition. so i currently live with my parents, and i love living with my parents and i love my mother and father, they are so kindhearted and so funny, they are the best friends of mine, indeed. so maybe the most happiest time of one day for me is having supper with my mother and father. i could tell mom and dad what interesting thing happened in the daytime, we talk and laugh, we watching tv together. and my mother is a great housewife, and my mom’s cooking is amazing. i love you so much mom.

No.5 post every amazing, moving, special thing happen to me everyday on WordPress to share with katy and tia, maybe other friends around the world. oh boy, it’s amazing, share things with friends on WordPress is so funny. the WordPress is really a wonderland for me, i can see the world, i can feel the different culture, i can lucky enough to know friends. it has been a big part of my life. and made my life wonderful. thank you WordPress, thank you katy and tia. 😀

No.6 call jing often at least two weeks a time. jing is my most intimate sibling, and she currently work and live in beijing, and in the past 5 years she had been living in japan, and came back to haerbin once or twice every year. now we don’t live in the same city, flight  from haerbin to beijing is about one hour and twenty minutes. so maybe we can meet very often, having dinner, singing kalaoke, playing pool, and hanging out……but, a call is also very important, to know how is she going these days. come on, jing, do your best in the work and life.

No.7 enjoy myself in the weekend, spending the weekend at home is absolutely a waste of life. so after supper with mom and dad, we should hang out, but don’t be home too late, before 12:00(the No.1 rule must be obey ). and i found a new club recently, it’s close to a famous college, so, most of the customers are college guys and overseas students, and the theme of the club is hip-hop, baby my favourite, not too noisy, and the drinks is good. and in the friday night, go to movies is also a good choice. 😀

No.8 maybe the last one i can call to mind, and i make a promise to myself – having smile on face as more as possible, yep i mean it, so, i don’t have to explain it, i’m sure you got me.

here is my list, i try my best to obey every rule, all the rules fit me, life will be better, so let’s have a good time.



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  1. Great list!!! Really, that’s quite an accomplishment just to write down all the things you want to change, and determine that you will stick to them! WordPress really is amazing – it gives you a whole new outlook on life. Just to think that people want to hear what you have to say is nice. 😀


    • thank you, tia, yep, i think i should thanks WordPress, great blog, so cool.
      i wanna live in my way, you know, it’s my life, so i will stick to them undoubtedly,
      some business stuff i have to do everyday, maybe just for pay, for salary, for my dream, (yep, my dream need some cash, maybe allot.)
      but i try my best never let these stuff change me, only listen to the voice from my heart, not the noise around. hard to do, but i try

  2. *applause!* 😀 i love your list! haha, it kind of made me feel a bit guilty, reading some of it: more sleep, more exercise, enjoying the weekend, updating blog… 😉 haha, i have a lot to catch up on. and even having dinner with parents is a good one – i’ve found that the fewer days i have left here, the more frequently i’m out of the house with my friends instead of having dinner with my family. i know that they understand that i’m running out of time, but i just realized that i’m running out of time with my family too. i’ll be at college soon and will only be able to visit them on the weekends. *whew* time to refocus…

    yes! i love wordpress! blogs are the best kinds social network (instead of twitter, facebook, and the likes). i mean, you actually know every detail that’s provided of what’s going on in your friends’ lives. 😀

    • Thank you katy, for your *applause* , where is the flower? 😀 just kidding.
      Guilty? Oh it’s too much. 😀 my only advice is more sleep. for I noticed you comment in the midnight several times.
      Yep, both of us should pay more time on our family, but I don’t think you run out of time with your family after you are at college. When I was at college, I also went home once a week, college life is amazing, I really wanna have it again, I can know some new friends, and learn some things I really passionate about, and the life is not too hectic, I went home every Friday night, to be honest, I was not long for home at that time, but I definitely love my mom’s cooking. So I was stuffed every weekends. 😀 And after I graduated and had a job, I found how important is my family to me, gradually. nothing is hard enough to beat you down, if you have a family filled with love. So katy you got allot time being with your family, your mom, your dad, your siblings. once you notice that how important they are, you have the whole life to love your family and be loved by your family.
      By the way, take good care of yourself and your family in the big road trip.
      Best wishes~

      • haha, i now throw you a flower. 😀 oh woops, you noticed that, me staying up till the early morning hours? 😉 yeah, i must admit, i do need more sleep. 😛

        i’ve heard that college is fun. 🙂 i’m just nervous that i’ll get homesick. but yeah, it’ll help to go home on the weekends. i love my family. 😀 thanks!

      • i told you, you need more sleep 😀
        have fun in college, enjoy yourself~~

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