The Dragon Boat Festival And We Hang Out

The dragon boat festival, another Chinese lunar holiday, I’m not quite sure how to translate it into English exactly, maybe the dragon boat festival, because we got the dragon boat race, the meaning of this holiday is to commemorate a Chinese patriotic poet whose name is Quyuan, he was very pessimistic, when the empire was declining, he had tried to do some stuff to change the situation, but nothing got changed, he felt no hope in the future, so he jumped into the Milo river, killing himself. When the people heard about the suicide, they were boating as fast as they could, trying to rescue Quyuan, unfortunately, they found nothing, even the body. so people were so sad, they made some kind of food which full with glutinous rice wrapped in reed leaves, in china we call it “zongzi”, and people put zongzi into the river to feed the fishes, so that, the fishes would not so hungry to eat Quyuan’s body. The whole story was happened in more two thousand and two hundred years before. From then, people have doing the same thing every year, put zongzi into the river, and boating, and commemorated Quyuan, gradually it became into a tradition, a lunar holiday.

OK, the history class is over, today, in the holiday, every family made zongzi and boil eggs, not put them into the river anymore, people eat them, just like people must eat dumpling in spring festival, and zongzi taste good, people not only put glutinous rice in it, but also put date or pork in it. and we really eat zongzi with some sugar. In the holiday morning, people go to the river and watch the boating race. We call it dragon-boat race. The kids wear five color thread on their wrists, which can bring fortune. And at the eve of the holiday, we can watch the firework, and some people really tent by the river, and the riverside is so crowded. people had three days off, so i used the three days hang out with jing and other cousin of mine, we went to grill, the chinese barbecue, and we went to karaoke afterward, (Chinese and Japanese love karaoke extremely, it makes us feel like a popular singer) , and i chose a song “cry me a river”by Justin Timberlake and “anywhere for you” by BSB. oh, we also got some good booze, Johnny walker and  baileys, so we were singing and playing until 1 o’clock the next morning, so exciting 😀

                                          the firework and zongzi 😀

       jing and me , haha~~it’s a little weird ,we got too close to the camera



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10 responses to “The Dragon Boat Festival And We Hang Out

  1. oh goodness. i swear, y’all have more holidays than we do! i’m envious. 😉 haha, thanks for the history lesson – i feel like i’ve actually learned something for the first time since school ended. 😀

    i love the pictures! the fireworks are gorgeous and the zongzi looks delicious! heh, i have allot of things to try out before i get too old (the zongzi and the bread soda! 😀 ). this was a fun post. 🙂

    • 😀 Katy i don’t suppose the chinese have more holidays than american people do, we just not only celebrate lunar festivals, but also celebrate allot western festivals, you know, china is so openly, ok lemme check it out:
      lunar Jan.1 spring festival(have dumpling to eat);
      lunar Jan.15 lantern festival(have Tangyuan to eat);
      lunar Apr.5 pure brightness(nothing to eat, just tomb sweepers);
      lunar May. 5 the dragon boat festival(zongzi, i just have eaten it);
      lunar July.7 double seventh festival(chinese valentines day)
      lunar Aug.15 mid-autume day (have mooncake to eat);
      lunar Dec.8 laba festival; (laba rice porridge);
      lunar Dec.23 off year(this festival is just as happy as spring festival);
      and we also celebrate Jan.1 the new year、valentines day、mother’s day、christmas day、and young people also celebrate halloween, don’t “trick or treat” the neighbours, just party.
      so, they are all the holidays i can count currently :}
      katy, i think we both have allot of things to try out before we get too old, so i wish you would come to china someday, and i also wish i could travel to United States someday. 😀 thank you for your kind comment.

      • oh wow. yeah, i think y’all have more holidays than we do! i love how you have certain things to eat with each festival or holiday! the only holiday that i can think of that has food with it here is thanksgiving day (we usually have a ginormous meal that most of the time has a turkey somewhere in it – oh, and lots of pie 😀 ).

        yes, i think i’d like to go to china someday. that would be fun. :}

    • yep, i know the thanksgiving day and the ginormous meal what make katy gal loopy 😀 just kidding~i have read one of your former post, the one about your last thanksgiving day, it’s awesome, i really love that post. 😀

  2. wow that looks like a really fun holiday! thanks for mentioning the history of the holiday as well, it was quite helpful. 😉


  3. wow – Katy, Chenpeng….you guys are too funny. 😉 hahahahaha


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