One day, if you could meet a mermaid just like the pirates did, maybe you are lucky. And it sound like a fairy tale. Everyone believe that there is no mermaid in the world. But in my opinion, every guy has a mermaid in his life. Maybe you have not noticed that, maybe you just missed. Sooner or later, you will meet your own mermaid. It’s not ridiculous. I mean, Maybe she is not a real mermaid who could swimming in the sea like a fish. But she’s special, not like other girls around, she’s the only girl who has a magic power, which can purify your mind, the moment you see her, you feel living-angel, no, the mermaid to be exact. You may fall in love with her under this kind of power. The special love, not like any times before, no more selfish, no more vanity, you are infatuated with her curly hair, so beautiful, so amazing. You just like a teenager, you just wanna do every little thing you can do to make her happy, you just wanna protect her with your life, she happy, you happy, nothing is better than her smile even the sunshine. you just wanna say sweet dream to her every night, and make breakfast for her every morning, you are crazy about her, Every time you see some good stuff, you just wanna buy it for her, her smile is the fantastic medicine to heal the wound of yours, and also be the cardiac stimulant to make you do better and better.

Life is really cruel, one day, you realize that you are not belong to the sea, you are living on land, you and your mermaid are living in different world, you wanna change your life, you dream that you can swimming like her, you dream that you changed to be a dolphin, you can abandon every stuff you own just for being swim with her in the sea. Unfortunately, it’s only a dream, she is still belong to the sea, but you, dude, the only thing you could do is standing on the island, watching her swimming in the water, this feeling make you upset, it’s killing you.  

Gradually, you found that, my goodness, she is so beautiful, even you are not swimming with her, even you just appreciate her from the far land, it has already made you peaceful and satisfied. Every word you talk to her is from the bottom of your heart, even just a “Hi”, finally, you straighten out your thinking, you realize that you are lucky enough to met her, she make you happy, she got your world to be different, to be wonderful, even you couldn’t touch her, couldn’t be with her now, but you believe that she is real, she is your own mermaid. Next time you standing to the see, you will see her. The feeling is so unbelievable.  

I’m not a real pirate, I think I have met my own mermaid, so I think I’m really lucky.



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  1. Aww that’s really sweet. and you have some very good points as well! (I think….I guess it’d have to be from the guy’s perspective, right? haha) Great post…the mermaids were great in Pirates!


    • thank you, Tia, you got a good guy’s perspective 😀 oh, you liked Pirates? it’s cool, haha~Do you like KONGFU PANDA too? i hope so, it’s very sinicize, and very funny.

      • Oh good, I’m glad I got it right. 😉 Yes I love Pirates! All 4 movies…but especially the 2nd. IDK why, because most people think the 2nd is the worst, but I love it! I really missed Will, Elizabeth, and the East India Trading Company in the 4th…but Jack was still great.
        Yep, I’ve seen Kung Fu Panda, and love it! I haven’t seen it for a couple years now, but I really like it.


    • Yep, Tia, most people think the 2nd was not good enough, including me, to be honest, i really was puzzled about the purpose of everybody. but i really like Elizabeth in pirate suit in the 2nd, slightly sloppy. 😀
      oh, i’m definitely a big fan of pirates, i’m so glad that you too. and i think that maybe you are also a big fan of Peter Pan, heehee~happy children’s day, Tia

      • Yeah it was pretty confusing because so many of the people were like with everyone else, and then turn out to be traitors. I guess that’s just what makes Pirates, pirates, ya know? haha yeah Elizabeth is better in the pirate suit than the dresses. 😉
        Well, I’m actually not that big of a fan when it comes to Peter Pan. It’s mostly Tinkerbell, ‘cuz she rocks. Seriously, she’s amazing.
        What’s children’s day? I’ve never heard of that before….


    • uh~huh, children’s day, the 1rst of June, but i think maybe american people don’t celebrate the festival, in children’s day, children don’t need to go to school, the folks take them to kursaal、park、and buy good stuff to them, and some young people like to say “happy children’s day” to each other as a greeting in the 1rst of June.

  2. wow. seriously chenpeng, i think this is the most beautiful post you’ve ever written. i can’t help but read it over and over. it’s really sweet. 🙂

    • oh, thank you, Katy, really, it’s very kind of you to say so, and also very very important for me that you like the post. seriously I had no idea whether it’s good or not, i just got the feeling inside, and wanna speak out, thank you again for your commenting, from the bottom of my heart 😀

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