I can’t drive, yep, i mean, i can’t drive a car.i have never driven a car.Maybe i will never drive in China.(i say in China)

Here is the reasons:

Every morning, it takes me one hour to get to work from the place where i live.(maybe more longer) And four years before the time is about thirty minutes. Why now it takes so long, the traffic jam. Two stuff have changed the Chinese life deeply since four or five years before. One of them, the price of house in China was skyrocking.The other one, the price of auto got cheaper and cheaper.Wow it’s pretty cheap.

Every Chinese want to have an auto of his own.It’s not a dream anymore, some family got two just like my uncle did. People want to drive cars to work, go shopping……just like American people. But don’t forget the number of people in China is marvelous. So every morning the number of auto on the road here, in haerbin , i have no idea to be exact.Countless. So you have to wait ,you have to share the limited road with the countless drivers, you got more boring time on the way.

Some times,  i thought i was a cynic, and i was perfectionist. I want living in a perfect community,  you know, don’t have to be worry about traffic jam every morning, people try more buses or taxis ,it’s also good for our air quality, but unfortunately, most of the people here have not noticed this, i can’t change them, but i can make a choice myself. Look, i don’t hate auto, i just don’t want to trouble the whole society. Anyway having a car in China mean more trouble than convenience. Just think about other people, and think about yourself.

And there is another reason, i like walking, i don’t take taxi very common if it’s not far. I like walking on the street, walking makes me feel good.

By the way, the sky here is still so blue and clean, what a magic?!

i have planned to post a jam picture ,but i changed my mind, too cynic.



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8 responses to “TO BE HONEST, I CAN’T DRIVE

  1. haha, i wish i didn’t have to drive. 😛 i hate driving. i despise it. but my parents want me to drive and drive well, so whenever they remember, they make me drive for practice. because there have been so many car wrecks and accidents, i’ve been afraid to drive for years.

    but it is kind of a necessity here. the grocery store is a long way off, and so is church. where i live is definitely not a walking area, although i wish it was. everything is very far so we have to drive to places. i wish it was a walking place though – i’d definitely get allot more exercise. 😀

    • Katy, it’s so kind of you to say so. 😀 “hate driving, despise it” Girl, easy, easy. My parents want me never to touch cars, never. The reason why is as yours. The car wrecks and accidents.
      So i think it’s the difference between the United States drivers and Chinese drivers. Driving in US means convenience most of time.Here means nothing (maybe vanity sometimes) but more trouble. It’s not necessary.
      You know Katy, i think i like the place where you live, mountain, grass, not crowded, maybe have to be watchful of grizzly, 😀 amazing.

  2. heh, i see. 🙂

    thank you! i like living here okay… i really prefer the beach. 😛 but yes, i do appreciate how it isn’t too crowded here. 🙂

  3. Hi and Greetings from India… I do also have to agree with you.. Although am quite confident and trained to drive, I just have an underlying fear about something that invariably “drives” me away from my car.. I usually take the public transport or cycle for shorter distances.. I too love to walk irrespective of the kilometers clocked.. Best Wishes,

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