my bedroom, i call it my cabin

It’s the first stuff I see every morning when I open my eyes.(the other side wall of my bedroom is “Alice in wonderland” mad hat), they are real posters using in a cinema. So good stuff for me.

Well, once upon a time, I thought “At world’s end” was at the movie’s end. Look, Will and Elizabeth got marriage, finally, happy ending.  Maybe no more new adventure, what a pity,  just like no more skywalker. 

But today, he back, with his pirates crew, still sloppy, still be excited all the time. Start a new wonderful journey, on stranger tides .

Now ladies and gentleman , please welcome CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW!!!!(applause)

Show time, please ,please, MR. Jerry Bruckheimer please don’t let Katy down again.  😀



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4 responses to “2011.5.20 THE PIRATES DAY

  1. YES! 😀 so, have you seen it yet? if so, were you impressed? if not, when do you plan on watching it? 🙂

    haha, i hope i’m not disappointed in it either. hopefully i can see it sometime this week. i’m excited. 😀

  2. oh geez. you won’t tell me anything?! fine, be that way. 😀 well, it looks exciting. so i hope i can see it soon – the sooner the better! 🙂

    • Yep, never let the cat out of the bag, never…… 😛 ok, maybe a little, the secret is there is a beautiful love story in it, wait a moment, maybe two, one beautiful, the other one not so beautiful, anyway, enjoy yourself.

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