MY HOMETOWN HAERBIN, PART II, A POST FOR KATY.Thank you for being a nice reader

Here is some new pictures of my hometown Haerbin, I’m so glad that Katy and MJ like the pictures I have shared in my former post entitled“MY HOMETOWN HAERBIN,NOT TOO URBAN,NOT TOO CHINA-LIKED”,so I took some new pictures for “MY HOMETOWN HAERBIN-PART II”.I hope Katy and MJ also enjoy it. So cheers.

In fact, Haerbin was not so impressive like Beijing,you know, the capital of China. Beijing is a very ancient city with thousands of years, very china-liked, the forbidden city(the palace of Chinese empire)、the great wall、the summer palace……and don’t forget the Beijing duck, which Micheal Phelps very enjoyed during 2008 olympic games.Beijingis also very modern, very national, and very urban. Full with various of chance, so working inBeijingis the best option for most Chinese who want to make a better career, just like my cousin. But working in big city also means more stress of life. The price of living inBeijingis skyrocketing. Now let’s return to talk about haerbin, the speed of life here is more slower, people here like walking along the street, it doesn’t means shopping, so some luxury not sold well here, people here like drinking beer, and drinking too much, oh boy, I think it’s very famous in China. I am not sure whether should take much pride in that or not. Anyway people here are not rich, but very good at enjoying lives.

 People here like walking along the street, and 90% like walking along one street, the central avenue. Since 1997, the central avenue has been closed to car traffic, so people can enjoy the 800 meters-long street and don’t have to worry about the cars zipping by. It’s so sweet, you know, the drivers in this town sometimes like killers. The central avenue is a place that a tourist should never miss. It’s a good place to hang out, to feel the live of the locals. Fortunately, it’s about 10 minutes walking there from the apartment where I live. So I can enjoy it everyday. Let me show you the “avenue”, so come with me, Katy .

A restaurant which is good at Russian food.

I like this plaza, there is where we usually hang, some good café on the ground floor, and on the forth floor there are some good restaurants and a movie. There is also a food market underground.

















At the end of the central avenue, there is Memorial which is to memory the victory that the local fighting against the flood in 1957.(once a tourist from the United States, she is really a kindhearted, first guessed the enemy was the Japanese, then guessed the Russian, but I was afraid that the real one was the power of nature). The memorial used to be the signal of Haerbin.

Some bubbles burst into the view accidentally, funny.

After visiting the memorial, you can take turn on the left, along the river, it’s a peaceful park named Stalin park. It’s a good place for hiking, running, dating.

  It doesn’t mean abusing animal, I’m just kidding. In Chinese culture, the oriental dragon was born in water, so I think it means the flood was conquered by human-being.

Leaving the river bank, now I will take you to the Sofiasquare(named for the Sofia church), not far, about 5 minutes walk from the central avenue, we can feed the pigeons.

Here are some other views near my apartment.

When I was a nerdy student, I used to go movies in the building.









I like it , no wars, we hope~

It’s a extra special for Katy, the soda from bread.Cheers  😀

To be honest, it’s really a huge job for a guy who is green about wordpress, I have to upload the pictures one by one, I think it should be an easy way to upload all the pictures at the same time, I am still exploring.



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5 responses to “MY HOMETOWN HAERBIN, PART II, A POST FOR KATY.Thank you for being a nice reader

  1. Wow, thanks for sharing so many fantastic pictures about your hometown. It looks beautiful. I have never been to China, but when I do, Haerbin is one place I think I would love to visit.

    Thanks again fro sharing!



    • haha~~if you visit my hometown, do call me please, i will be your guide for free. And i’m wondering what’s the time in United States when you leaving the friendly comment, i’m not quite sure in exactly,but i’m sure it must be a good time for sleeping, so i’m in doubt about your determination to fighting the cute pollen.You really need to sleep more in allergy season.

  2. AAAH! a post for me! 😀 i love it! oh wow, i feel like i was just given a tour of the place. WOW. it’s really pretty. 🙂 oh goodness… where to start…

    first. the plaza looks like so much fun! it looks like it’d be a fun place to hang out at. 🙂 and then stalin park is absolutely gorgeous! so is the water right next to it? it’s really pretty (i like water 🙂 ). and sofia church is pretty too. i like the picture of all of the pigeons flying around it – i think that’s my favorite picture.

    a few things i noticed (i like to observe things 😀 ) is that there are allot of statues there. my favorite one was the last one you posted – it’s a beautiful picture of peace. and the other thing i noticed was the vast variety of architecture! all of the buildings are beautiful, and they’re all so different!

    and then my last comment: HA! the soda from bread! 😀 man, i wish i could have some… 🙂

    thank you for the post! 🙂

    • You’re welcome,Katy, be my guest.I’m so glad you like the tour, the guide was not bad,right?haha~talking about the pigeons, most of them were really lazy, they were not willing to fly,some of them just descended down to the ground and got feeded.They prefered to standing on the church and enjoyed the sunshine, (eating free, taking rest most of the day, and a little workout, the life of a pigean is really what i’m dreaming about :D)i really wanted to take a picture that the most of pigeans flying around the church, i thought it should be beautiful and exuberant, so i was waiting for the cute little pigeons to move them bodies and fly at the same time for about one hour.Finally i got it, all i got a beautiful picture and sore leg.And the most importance is you like it, i’m really glad.

      You’re right Katy, Stalin park was built on the river bank.In fact,i have been living here near the river from i was born. And so does my father.When he was a child many many years ago,he was swimming in the river everyday in summer, and now he still go swimming in the same river(most people prefer natatorium now), he just like the river, my father was a sailor, working on the ship, the river give him a peaceful and healthy life.He is a good father.

      Haha~The plaza is really great,it’s a good place for young people.It named Euro plaza, a lot of tourist from the United states、Germany、Uk、Russia……are willing to buy some special product of haerbin there.

      Thank you for your nice comment~i think the moment in Colorado should be night, so sweet dream~ 😀

      • heehee! i’m glad that the picture was worth it – it’s a great picture. 🙂

        your dad was a sailor? mine is too! he’s just currently stationed inland where there is no water. 😦 but he retires this year and then we’ll move back closer to some water, which i’m excited about. 😀

        heh, you’re right! it is night time here, so i’m tired. so. in that case, i’ll be off to bed. thank you! 🙂

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