Friday night,sweet~~

The air get better today after the rain in this morning,i’m a very sensitive guy, so i get a good mood today.Time fly fast,it’s friday,again.By now,everything is under control,it seems that i don’t have to overtime this weekend.I had to overtime last weekend,and the one before last.So i really desire a weekend without work stuff. Maybe I should hang out tonight with some pals.I just can’t count how long is it after hanging out last time.Maybe six month?Oh~boy~it sucks last time,i remember that.In”RussianBar”,there is no offence to my pals,but last time was really boring.

In my opinion,judging a nightclub,many elements are most important,the atmosphere,i guess, the music,the cocktail,and the people who hanging…I have to be honest,i’m very mean about judging a nightclub,hip-hop music without remix is the best,you know,various hit and beat,it’s funny, the music with the same rhythm all the time, sucks;Judging a cocktail expert job or not,long island ice tea is a good standard,first of all,the view of the cocktail show that the mixer’s artisy or nerdy,and the tasty will show the mixer’s skill and passion.Anyway,i have never got a cocktail in “RB”,everytime just cold budweiser,it’s cool.I don’t want to explain the reason why i never try it in public, i can imagine the flavor of the cocktails with wrong cups.Talking about good cocktails and good customers,i think the “Coco Club”is a good choice,the place is more bigger,good booze,good mixer,and good music,and the bill is more expensive.

What’s the dark side of a hanging over,compare with the headache in next morning,i suppose the smell of  cigarette at every pore is worse,by the way i’m not smoke,so this smell make me sick,you know,just like a piece of beef on grill too much time,oh,it’s killing me~

You know what,I’m not sure whether i should hangout or not.I hesitate about that now.Booze,hot ladies,dancing,bad smell,headache in next morning……who cares?Don’t think about too much,dude~just relax~it’s FRIDAY NIGHT!!!



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4 responses to “Friday night,sweet~~

  1. haha, i agree. i hate remixes of good hip-hop songs… they just totally botch the song every time. 😛

    i know, it’s friday! 😀 i’m going out to a baseball game with my friends. and then i’m coming home and am going to watch ‘prince of persia’. and then i’ll soak my feet. and maybe paint my toe nails. 😀 well, have fun doing whatever you decide to do! 🙂

    • haha~going out to a baseball game, pretty cool, a friend of mine love baseball very much~MLB is his favorite,(NHL is my favorite) but baseball is not very common in mainland China, it’s very popular in Taiwan and Japan.Last night i watched the Pingpong game in TV with my mother, she is a biggest fan, and i drinked a big bottle of bread soda. 😀
      I think you had a great friday night, so did i.

      • pingpong? that’s great! my brothers like to play that game. 🙂

        haha, i had allot of fun. i knew i wouldn’t have time to paint my toe nails when i got back, and so quickly slapped some paint on them before the game. they looked slightly sloppy. 😛 the game was fun. we went out for ice cream afterwards. but i was so tired when i got home that i didn’t watch any movie… i just watched one video on youtube and then went to bed. 😀

        i’m glad you had a great friday! 🙂

    • haha~~i know it’s really a misson impossible for a girl to paint her toe nails with time not enough, they should be looked slightly sloppy 😀
      “Prince of persia” is a good movie, maybe you should watch it this weekend.I like the footage that Jake Gyllenhaal’s parkour on the rooftop.
      May happiness be with you.

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