We got a dust-storm today,not very serious.It happened once or twice every springtime,sooner or later,since 2003.What can i say?Environmental protection is really important.But unfortunately,people used to forget it when the air clean again.Today is the 12th of May,the day in 3 years before Sichuan China hit by 8.0 ms earthquake,at least 68 thousand chinese people were killed in that disaster. Sometimes lives was destroyed by the nature power and we can do nothing to avoid or escape.But sometimes we can do something to stop the some kinds of “disaster” happen,some kinds like global warming、air pollution、water pollution、wild animals killing……

People over resources exploiting everyday,from the land and ocean.People klling lots of wild animals just for their vanity,in asia,people kill asia  bears to get the gall.They believe that the bear gall can cure people,some people believe that taking bear gall could make you feel better in the morning after an alcohol hangout.Today killing or abusing bears is illegal in China,but someone still abusing bears for the gall,the put a tube into living bear’s belly to make the gall shed out, this is the cruelest thing i have even hearted, son of b…  

Now there is a national wild animal protection organization in China trying their best to save the bears, more and more bears were rescued,them can live in a safe place,no more hurt.But some of them couldn’t live anylonger even through they are safe, them got liver cancer because of the longtime gall sheded out.The fact really make me suffering for a long time ,even today,at this moment,I can’t image how dare they could do this kind of thing,they don’t have any rights to make bears suffer.Anyway,I will never use any wild animal stuff,forever!We can save them.

At first, I just want to post some stuff about environmental protection,but gradually I can’t helping myself to remind the suffering deep in my heart.You can also explore the story of Jill Robinson on GOOGLE OR on this webside  http://www.animalsasia.org/blog/ directly,thank you for reading this post,thank you really.



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  1. aww, the poor animals. 😦 we must be sure to take care of what we’ve been given on this earth, and not to abuse our power over more helpless animals like these bears. (here in colorado, the bears are really healthy – so we have to be a bit more cautious and safe around them! 😀 )

    • 😀 It’s so kind of you to read this post,thank you so much for your care of asian bear,we also call them “Moon bear”because the sign on their chest just like crescent,beautiful name,right?The good news is that more and more people realize the abuse and start to protect moon bear,including many Hongkong superstars~Colorado is a wonderland for wild animals,i often watch them in TV,so peaceful,grizzly bears are so big,so beautiful,oh ,boy,i just love watching the adult bears and their babies running freely.You should be careful with the grizzly,the big guy is really stronger than you:D

      • wow, that is a beautiful name! i think they’re the prettiest sort of bear – the grizzly bear doesn’t look as cuddly. 😉

        haha, indubitably. because we live on the side of a mountain, we have to be doubly sure to lock our garbage cans and watch the little kids play outside, especially in the spring (that’s when they wake up from hibernation). so yes. we’re naturally careful around them here. 😀

  2. I see, in the spring, when they wake up from hibernation,they are very upset because of the hungry. Katy have you even met a bear in your town?How close?

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