I just want to post some stuff in my lunch break,maybe a little complain :D

Huh~lunch break is so good.Even it’s just one hour,i can escape the feeling of busy work.I’m a network designer.For the nature of the job,it’s high-stress,you must to do every little thing very carefully,a little mistake would cause a serious trouble.And during the summer and fall,we are very busy,projects comes one by one,never have a break.But for the bright side,we can make good money.Sometimes, I got a schedule in the morning when i arrived at my office and got ready to start the work,i thought i would complete the whole job in order.But at the end of the day,I found the work to be done get more and more,what a surprise!!! In the winter things get better,little project in winter because of the cold weather.

I have being done this job for many years.And now,I’m a supervisor who need some leadership.I’m this kind of guy who don’t like bother other person.But sometimes job push me to be the bad guy,i mean just like make other people overtime even the weekend or the holiday.And sometime my life will be interrupted by working,we you getting busy,you get little time to spare with your family and friends,you get little time to enjoy you life.So,I try my best to make balance between my job and my life.

Anyway,job doesn’t only means busy、trouble、headache…On the bright side,it make me not feel too empty.When my boss said “good job”to me,it feels not bad,a little successful.And the most important thing,you know what,i like the feeling that i leave home for work and said Goodbye to my mama and father,i don’t mean i deliberately avoid being at home,I love my home.I just think as a man in my family,i should work to earn more money and make my mama and father a better life.Every morning i getting of the apartment building,my mama will standing next to the window,and giving me a wave and a smile,i think it means”take care of yourself”,and i did the same wave and smile,and an extra salute~


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