My hometown,Haerbin, not very urban,not very China-liked

My hometown is haerbin, not a big city in the northeast of China. It’s a nice place in comparison to the other cities in China.It’s not very hot in summer.And in winter,it’s really a paradise to me,it’s very cold,lots of snow,we can skii, play ice hockey……people build” ice lantern”in the zhaolin park,it’s got different colours in the ice.

Haerbin is a relatively new city,I’m not quite sure the history about haerbin,maybe 150years,I guess so.From 1890,more and more foreigners have being settled here,the Russions,the Jews,even the Japanese……foreigners lived in the city,they also changed the city better and better with the local chinese.The foreigner even change the living habits of the citizen.We got the first beer factory in China in 1900.We got the good sausage which made from beef、pork and minced garlic. Yummy.  But the greatest contrubution was the architecture.Some of the buildings in the city make you feel like just in Europe.To be honest,I can’t tell which one is Baroque,which one is Byzantium…So I just want to show you,maybe you are an expert in architecture.I hope you like my hometown…

It was built in 1922,some relatively new buildings being around it.

a restaurant which i have never tried.

I think it’s very cute,especially the red carpet and the tiny gate.

Churin firm -good sauage and fresh bread since 1900.They made a kind of soda drink which made from bread,pretty cool,huh.

Jihong bridge since 1901.

I like the building.Here are some more pic I wanna share.I hope you like.

To be continue……



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4 responses to “My hometown,Haerbin, not very urban,not very China-liked

  1. how cool! the town is very pretty. soda from bread?! how peculiar… i’ll have to look it up. 🙂

    thanks for sharing the pictures!

    • Thank you~katy,I will take more pictures of my hometown this weekend,the bread soda is good, not too sweet,and looks like beer,thank you again to be the first one who leave a comment. 😀

  2. I really loved your photos and you’re correct … if you had not provided the commentary I would not have known that these were taken in China! Very European looking.

    thank you for visiting my blog post about the Royal Wedding … and a belated Happy Birthday to you!

    Cheers! MJ

    • Thank you MJ,I like visiting your blog when I’m not busy~waiting more great post of yours,I’m so happy you like my hometown and thank you for the greetings to my birthday,you are real a kindhearted.

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